Which is the best Greek Island holiday destination (Greece)?



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    Try to come in Paxos, deserves every penny from your Holiday budget. In Paxos you can see one of the most beautiful sunset you imagine, you can go to Antipaxos, a small Paradise only 20 min. with a boat, where many people everyday go and have their daily swim.

    I went there twice last year, one in Easter and one in first days of September, never had such a good time.
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    All I can say is SPETSES SPETSES SPETSES! I can't say it enough times! Only 3 hours from Athens so easy to get to and it is so beautiful! It is not really a foreign tourist destination but where the Greeks go on holiday!! Great food great people, great beaches. You can make it as relaxing or as busy as you like. The island is very small so easy to get to most places by either motorbike, bicycle, boat or you can take a horse and cart! You can people watch in the main town or easily find a secluded and private spot on one of the coves round the island. And in reply to a previous post (apologies if someone has already answered this) Phraxos Island in The Magus written by John Fowles is SPETSES. And if you have read the book you will actually be able to go and visit the places that are mentioned).
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    I have been twice in Spetses its fantastic island I can admit that, but its not the best island
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    Hmm try going to somewhere that is very historical. It might amaze you.
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    There is no single best Greek island--there are so many, with such different histories and geographies. If I were picking one as my only visit I would go to Santorini/Thira. It has a volcano to visit by boat, a gorgeous black sand beach, and one of the best archeological sites in the country. http://www.santonet.gr/archaeology/akrotiri.htm The volcano preserved details you don't expect in a 5000 year old city. I'd stay in Oia on the Northern tip, where you can enjoy the spectacular view and eat in tavernas carved into the volcanic tuff.

    For a change from the usual dry white Greek island, you could visit one in the Northern Sporades where lovely beaches spread out from forested slopes. After Mamma Mia this group is much better known than before, but you can move on from Skiathos to one of the lesser visited islands in the group, Skopelos or Alonisos.
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    My husband and I would like to visit the Greek isles in Sept or October ...we are renting a villa in Sicily from the 22nd of Sept to the 29th, 2012. Any suggestions re preferred time to do the islands ... before or after our time in Sicily. Is the weather significantly different? Which islands are not to be missed. We want to see about 3-4 islands, stay one or two nights in each. Does anyone know if there are ferries or flights from Sicily to any of the Greek Islands? We love history, architecture, ruins, art, quaint villages; we enjoy meeting locals and experiencing the local life, good food and quiet taverns, not into partying. I am having trouble finding info on ferries or any groups that sponsor this kind of trip.. Also need guidance re hotels, B and B's, do we need a car to get around, etc. Any help would be most appreciated.
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    I would recommend the islands of Crete and Rhodes in Greece for the whole package! Amazing historical attractions and archaeological sites as well as natural beauty and cultural riches. The best time to go is after the summer rush, in September, in my opinion.
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    I am going to greek islands last 2 weeks Sept with a friend. Don't know which one to pick out of so many. We've both been to the islands before but not together. She's 70 and I'm 50 we're not boring old farts, but we're not old swingers either... we would like entertainment some evenings, some sight seeing/nice beaches/tavernas... obviously not over the top like Kavos /Malia. Any helpful advice for good places to stay would be great.
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    I would say that most of you are so right about all that, but pls tell me did you ever been in Antipaxos? its a small paradise that during summertime there is party everywhere, also the beaches there are green, it looks like Carribean but I think its better there.

    Georgios F
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    hi there

    I think Paros is a worth visiting island with a vast field of interests and for all ages to enjoy!
    you can do from horseback riding, yoga, scuba diving, kite/wind surf, hicking, visit historical and ancient sites, take walks on picturesque villages, or just lay under the sun!
    Paros has many many beaches to discover. i live here many years and still have beaches to find out!!
    there are plenty beach bars also! some are full party style, some more chilled.
    Paros has nice nightlife with multiple choises in music styles!
    multi budget accomodation helps you get what you want, and last but not least food! never a problem in Greece!!

    Happy holidays!

  • Everyone tell about the most beautiful Islands of Greek which are famous and known due to their beauty.I like them also.I,m a tourist by profession and travel to many Islands and beaches and some of above mentioned Islands of Greek.I like these Islands and me and my friends have a great fun out there.I miss that moments.
  • So which islands have you visited Jerry ,I lived in Greece and have travelled extensively through Greece and the Greek islands. As  each have a character of their own, which do you like and why?

  • We have been to most of the bigger Greek islands and to Parga on the
    mainland. We have enjoyed them all in different ways. The Greeks are
    very welcoming and I'm sure wherever you go you will enjoy it.
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    Check: yourgreekisland.com
    It allows you to select among 70+ criteria and then recommends the best Greek island that meets these criteria.
    It is prepared by professional Greeks who know the islands, thus providing credible advise.

  • Thank you Spyros, this is a great site. 
  • hi there
    i am greek and living in Paros island the last 10 years. i am working as a dj in Evinos bar at Parikia the main village of the island. i fell in love with the island at first sight! Paros is an island that satisfied all kinds of needs of the visitors as it has a big variety of choices in beaches, accommodation, activities, nightlife, sightseeing and food offcourse!
    it's natural beauty is breathtakin'
    you' re welcome to discover it and collect memories of a lifetime
    enjoy your holidays in the greek islands!!
  • My favourite is definitely Crete of all the islands. Good variety and big enough to explore for a few days. Although very touristy, there are still bits of the island where you can hide and forget all the crowds. Good unbiased info about Greek islands can be found at this site wordtravels.com/Cities/Greece/Crete
  • For me the best island is Rhodes for sure! The island of knights castels, greek antiquity and fun! You can find there everything you need!
    Amazing places! Hire a car in advance on www.luxury-car.gr, take a discount, get ur car directly from the airpsrt and travel all over the island! You must see the Lindos, the Old Town of Rhodes, Filerimos, Prasonisi!
  • I would recommend zakynthos we went to alykanas last year it's a really quiet town the locals are lovely
  • can someone please tell me where the best place in greece is to go for a quite holiday in greece im taking my mum who is 65 and had a rough time lately so gonna surprise her thanks for any help
  • Crete.Cania.I invite you to my home for the rest. family vacation near the sea!
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