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Which is the best travel destination for camping.??

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I am planning to travel across the world's best camping places and need some help in deciding where can i make the full out of my trip.I am supposed to travel in between march and april.


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    You're going to need to be more specific... it's rather difficult to go across the world in only two months! I'd say stay within one continent to see it properly. There's amazing camping in pretty much every country as well... can you give us more information?
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    There are lots of wonderful places available for camping in the world. I would like to share here some name of destinations which are most popular for camping.

    Mount Robson Provincial Park, Canada
    Cathedral Provincial Park, Canada
    Pacific Rim National Park, Canada
    Alice Lake Provincial Park, Canada
    Galloway Forest Park - UK
    Mersea Island - UK
    St Agnes - UK
    Lake Bracciano - Rome
    Seven Hills (Via Cassia, 1216) - Rome
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    Exactly what I was looking for. You have solved my problem. Thanks for this nice list.
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