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Valeria Novitskaya profesional scammer...

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Hi folks... Just like to warn all you out there of professional scammer Valeria Novitskaya from Nikolaev Ukraine.. She is very attractive & a very good liar...Especially men from Sharm-el-Shiekh..take note... My advice to you all is google her name.. She has scammed & dated many men over the past few years using a number of dating sites from which she is being removed from for scamming... NEVER send money to anyone.... Be warned & happy searches & good luck...


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    I to was scammed by Valeria... She is very good at what she does & is totally believable... From what i have since read she has scammed many men & some say she is actually a prostitute.. But i'm not sure if that is true or not... I know she likes gifts money & holidays in the sun... In future i will google any females name before i invest time & money in them...
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    I sent money , 1000 US , to Valeriya Novistskaya for a last trip in Sharm El Sheik , we met there during 2 days .
    I think she also met there another guy , we were all day long together .
    For some more money I could spend the two nights with her .
    She is just a prostitute , this is not complicated to understand .
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    John you will probably find she went to one of her Middle East pimps.. When you were in Sharm el Sheik.. She goes there often & to Turkey & the Maldives..She likes sleeping with men from the Middle East as well as anybody else who is paying... She is a good looking disgusting creature. Her daughter should be taken away from her & put into care... She has scammed so many men its unreal... She will never stop or be faithful to one man.. Its not in her nature.. She is to selfish & greedy.. She must have made a fortune over the years...
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    Wow John.. Looks like i had a lucky escape... She has a pimp..?? It seems to get worse everyday more comes out about her.. I had heard rumours she was a prostitute. But was never sure.. Was told she likes going to the Sharm every few weeks..I've read on other sites some have reported her to the tax office in Ukraine & the prosecutors office.. anyone who has been duped should. Maybe this will put a halt to her activities & teach her a lesson.. Can't believe how much stuff there is about her on the internet. & i bet there are many many men who have said nothing about her, but have been scammed.. Scammers should be shot..
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    She sure is cute. I'd be tempted to travel with her ... I could play her while she is playing me. It might be money well spent. I have wasted a few grand on some of my vacations... but if you are looking for love. I agree with the original poster stay clear of this one.
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    Eric.. She might be good looking & fun to be with. But she would take you for every cent that she could.. Also think about your sexual health. If she sleeps with so many different guys from all over the world there's a good chance you could catch something. HIV/AIDS is rife in Ukraine.. Is a holiday & sex with a good looking babe worth the risk..??
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