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flycheapest means fly nowhere

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I just want to warn everyone about a company that I have unfortunately chosen to deal with.

If you’re looking for appalling customer service, continual deception, obstructive behaviour, a litany of excuses, unanswered emails and long line of promises to return calls never being kept, then is probably the travel company you’re looking for. They also specialise in invisible tickets after making their customers think they have a confirmed booking and after having paid a very large amount of money. In my own experience, the tickets didn’t exist in the first place.

Flycheapest have large credit card fees, and indeed even charge for using a debit card. This inevitably funnels people towards using a direct money transfer from bank-to-bank. However, I would STRONGLY urge anyone using flycheapest to resist going down this route. First-off, you have no viable method of compensation in the event of a problem. A credit card company will take up the fight for you and refund you in full should you not receive what you have paid for; it will also doubtlessly lead to bad companies eventually losing their credit card facilities. The main thing, though, from the customer’s point of view, is that you will hand over a large sum of money with no guarantee of ever getting anything back in return. I personally am now fighting to get my money back from but am currently out-of-pocket by nearly £3,000. are not members of ABTA and so you have little or no redress should they fail to provide you with flight tickets. Their company, World Reisen Ltd of Uxbridge, are listed as members of ATOL. However, it is not clear whether flight tickets booked through flycheapest are protected through ATOL or not. If using this company, I again strongly advise that you check and receive full verification that your flight ticket will indeed be protected by ATOL before you pay them anything. You also need to understand what that protection means in real terms.

My personal experience with is just about the worst service I have ever received from any company anywhere in the world. The lack of honesty is the main real problem with them. They have continued to lie to me beyond reason and my money has disappeared.

But the only travel that flycheapest seem interested in is "flying by the seat of their pants". They don’t treat their customers properly, and look to take potential customer's money without having tickets available.

There are so many travel companies figthing for business, and so my advice to all customers out there is to choose a company who will treat you properly and who will provide what you have paid for. Unfortunately is just not one of these companies.


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    Hello SeaBass61,
    I had a similar experience to you and am willing to go to court. However, I need to know the parent company of
    How sure are you that it is World Reisen Ltd? We had the option of paying into 2 bank accounts - Extransys Ltd and World Reisen Ltd. We paid into the former, but the latter has the same business address as Fly Cheapest. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hi Keyn

    I'm absolutely sure. I researched this company and even got all their company details. World Reisen Ltd are members of ATOL - so you should also complain to ATOL about them. That's what I did.

    Happy to say I finally got my money back with a lot of pressure.
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