Married in Tunisia: questions

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I got married in September, 2011 in tunisia, had no problems, but his parents didn't come to witness this marriage, so he got two of his friends to be witnesses, and his parents never said congrats, they are very nice people and i asked him why his parents did not come, he told me that his fathers sister passed away, i think in june, so thats why they never came to witness the marriage..I returned to canada, have there twice to tunisia, the second time was so good, lots of tension, in the house they seem to be distant, not talk with me like the first time in Sept. and he has a very short temper, has temper tantrums sometimes breaks things, make his mom cry, i don't think i will be going back there now, but we still talk but he always ask me for money, and says no one wants to help him, and not care about him lol,,


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    canadien - I'm sorry your husband's parents did not attend your marriage however they do not need to be there as witnesses. the law requires that 2 persons attend as witness, one must be male and they do not need to be relatives. Tunisians are very good at temper tantrums, sulking and blaming everyone else for the problems they cause. If he's asking you for money it won't me, if you send they'll keep asking and taking. Boohoo for him - tell him to get out of the coffee and into a job and then he'll have money won't he? Maybe he's after a visa, and perhaps you should think carefully about him. I hope I'm wrong but I've been here a while and I know all the tricks!! Good luck
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    I also had similar experience but we were married in his familys home. Mine doesnt ask for money but has lots of stories of things happening and waits for me to offer and ive sent money but to him he calls it pocket change! he has changed and unless i get him here he wont even talk to me. im not sure if i am legally married in canada and its hard to find out any info. Honestly i do not wish to go back as im sure i will not come back to canada. I still love him but enough is enough. Dont send any money and surely you will see the real person youve married. live and learn is all you can do. I dont regret it just wish i knew if im legally married in canada. Best wishes contact me at if i can help any! Tc
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    omg!! im sooo sorry to hear... i've been married to my tunisian husband for 9 months... after reading your what you've been going thru.. sorry.. my husband is the total opposite.. how long have you both known your tunisian men before getting married??
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    Can u please answer a Question for me my friend married her tunisia husband and they are both in love but have been having problems with there visa application . Now they have been fighting alot and she is 20 weeks pregnant . They got married in Tunisia and he now says when they fight tht if he divorce her that by law in tunisia cause she signed a paper getting married which she did not now she was siging stating he will get the baby when it is born . Now he says his goverment can come to her country and take the baby once it is born if they divorce . Now how true can this be ??? Can he take the child from its mother just like that ??
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    To get all your questions answered, including the laws surrounding having a baby with a Tunisian man visit

    To rest your mind, he can't come here and get the baby, just don't go back and have your baby or he will be able to keep the baby.

    Great website to have all your questions answered and they can talk to you more about Buziness. Unfortuntely, these men are now targeting Canadian/U.S. women (and it's not only happening in Tunisia, in other Counties it's also the women who target the men over here). Trust me, there is not many who can resist the Tunisian Charm
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    There is no such law, however please be aware that if you should go to Tunisia with the baby the government will uphold his right to keep the baby. The child would be considered Tunisian no matter where you live and will also be considered muslim. Why did you not find out all these things before you married???
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    I have questions .... so hard to find any answers .. hope u can help
    does anyone know how much money is requried for Tunisian man to visit canada ... i do know that they must show that they have enough money to support themselves while in Canada ..,,,,
    If a Tunisian man gets a visitors visa to come to Canada is he able to marry while in Canada ...
    Is it easier for a Tunisian man to come to Canada if a Canadian women marries him in Tunisia and then how long is the wait period for him to come to Canada
    Confused Hobby :)
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    Now you know that I can't call you hobbi because you are not my love LOL!!! I am sorry but I don't know how much money is required but surely your embassy or 'home office' will be able to advise you. Most of your other questions can be answered by your embassy also and they will be able to give you the correct and up to date information.
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    hi....wanting to ask if my maintenance counts as an income with my wages n order to bring my husband here from tunisia....
  • hi ! put all your income evidence in order to support your application. any income evidence may help. good luck
  • hi jjry !. mother and father should know a baby is neither a jock!!! nor a game!!. both of them should be aware
    about the future of the baby. they should find the better way to let the baby - and then the child - feel a normal life with a father and mother inspite of they may not live close to each other.  put a child in a fighting situation is a crime...hope they will be a wiser people. i just hope
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    Hi im married to a tunisian for 2 year will be together 5 an now he divorce me bec he tell me im a bad wife he own me so much money I give him everything bec I stop paying for the house he live in an not pay for he food he wants a divorce im waiting for the papers now. Ho an now he find work before no but I think I get no papers
  • Marion, its never nice when a marriage breaks up but it seems to me that you may be better off without your husband. Marriage is about give and take and its sounds as if your husband has been doing all the taking. 
    He is using emotional blackmail by threatening to divorce you. I would call his bluff and divorce him, you are better off without him.

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