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Is Nigeria somewhere to visit as a tourist?



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    going to Nigeria in october.

    i've never been there, but for my experience in consiedred "dangerous" countires (just to say a few countires, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Timor Leste and in Africa only Mozambique), there is a lot of sensacionalism and too much alarm for not so much. Be awere of advices related to crime, scams and terrorism. But also be awere that the chance of something happen, if you take some basic cares, though not impossible, it is low. But of course everybody has your own idea about whats a safe country. I'am from Brazil, for examle, and I live in Rio. I believe it'd ridiculous for me to considere Nigeria a more dangerous place...

    Malaria is a real problem, though - just after the rain saeson even worse.

    Good Luck, i guess it's an amazing country
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    Hi I am a guest user, Just call me Michael. I own a US Based consultation group that sells and sets up video game stores. I have a potential client that is currently in the US but is obviously well connected in Nigeria, that is interested in setting up a store with my company. The deal, once executed (we will only pull the trigger once paid up front in every situation, even domestic) would require my business partner and I to travel to lagos for 3 weeks. We are both, White American males. I am well traveled (japan, hong kong, philippines, guam i know i know guam is an american territory but hey.. i have been there) but never to Africa. I consider myself to be intelligent, as well as my partner, and naivety is not in our creed. However I have heard that Nigeria can be daunting for even the most experienced traveler. At this point I am trying to decide whether to green light this account and seal the deal or not. My business partner is going to do whatever I decide and I would hate to be responsible for two interruptions of likelihood.

    I love to travel and I almost never stay in the "secure" areas when abroad however I hear that in Nigeria I may want to just stick to business. Our Client is saying we will stay in Lagos in a secured home and have a driver to get back and forth to the site. I successfully navigated corruption in the philippines and am familiar with bribes as far as customs, cops and councilmen when setting up business there, I am not as worried about this and understand that it is sometimes just the cost of doing business internationaly. I fear a situation where I am held to try and negotiate terms with someone from my country for release. If any of you could provide insights I would be appreciative. I of course will make the decision based on much research.

    This account appears to be a lucrative one, and it is attractive to me because I am the forever businessman, and I have an infinate love for travel. but no amount of money, or trip is worth a situation in which a place my business partner who trusts me in jeapordy, much less myself.

    thanks in advance for any advise offered.
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    Americans should not be pointing fingers at Nigeria at all. If you're American, shut the hell up about crimes because the USA is the second most dangerous country in the world after South Africa. Rape, Child rapes, murders, robbery and all sorts of crimes that are not committed in other parts of the world are found in the USA plus the Whites in America are racist as heck. They're the most vile, nastiest people you can ever meet. Just look at how they treat Blacks and especially Obama. Nigeria is a safe place. I'm Nigerian and lived in the US for 15 years before I packed my bags and moved. The racism I experienced is one I will never forget. These people are nasty so if you're American, don't even dare complain about Nigeria. Compared to your country, Nigeria is very safe and at least our people are much nicer!!! Nigerians, beware of Whites moving to our country. Remember how they screwed us over for over 400 years. They enslaved our people, raped our children, stole our treasures and then blamed us for their evil atrocities. We have to work together because they're now broke in their countries and will be coming back to Africa to steal more. Charity begins at home. We have to build our Nation and keep out these racist thieves.
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    Hi everyone, I'm a good citizen of my. Country Nigeria, I'm very happy to read the comments of those that have been to Nigeria for one purpose or the other, I really appreciate it all but its good to sometimes to say the truth about what one must have witness than to tell lies and condemn what one did not witness. To the lovely people out there who wish to come to Nigeria for business or tourism, Nigeria is very Ok so far you have your money and make sure you get your self a very nice hotel for sometimes to study the environment. I promise you will love it because we Nigerians we always appreciate having visitors in our midst especially the WHITE. But please avoid travelling to the Northern region of Nigeria and avoid talking to strangers on the street. Thank you all with beautiful comment about Nigeria. The issue about scamming online is real but its about 10% of nigerians that do scam people for money while 50% are illiterate that even find it difficult to operate their mobile phone and the remaining 40% are innocent struggling to have a good life. The issue of Nigeria guy getting married to a white woman is not all because of money or something, it all depends on what one want for him or her selves its all about decision and love but my advise is this please know who you are dealing with and try to test the person several times to know his or her intentions. But for me personally I LOVE WHITE ladies and I pray God give me one to marry. May God Bless those White ladies that have married to Nigerian guys without discriminating, God Bless Your Marriage.........................I'm looking forward to have my own White lady to marry someday.
  • Nigeria is perfectly safe for travel . Nigeria is very peaceful, accommodating and fun-filled place. . .

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    Nigerians, love us or
    hate us - we remain good people, a great nation! You can talk about
    being scammed from now until tomorrow; I would not be convinced you did not
    fall for it due to your own greed. Yes, but do not get me wrong, am not
    supporting the scammers and I do sympathize with their victims.

    Know that these scammers are
    very few and the society hate them for what they are doing. Just imagine how
    many people they are capable of reaching with their phony stories,
    and as long as people continue to fall for it, you make it good business for
    them. To those of you who think every Nigerian is a fraudster, well, you
    will always have a reason to doubt, I can only hope you meet a Nigerian that
    will change your perception. However, it might interest you to know there is a
    new trend. Scammers from other part of the continent are pretending to be Nigerians;
    this may be hard to prove especially when every 1 out of 4 black person is a Nigerian. When found-out, they simply claim to be
    Nigerian to divert attention away from their home country. You can tell
    from their accent and I have seen many such on Int'l news. I understand this is hard to swallow especially the victims but it’s a fact! 

    Nigerian guys are fantastic and many
    are genuinely looking for love online. If you are lucky to meet a good one, you
    will not regret it. However, there are a few bad eggs out there, please be
    careful. When someone starts loving you too fast, use your head. Try as much as
    possible to know you are dealing with an honest person, do your due diligence,
    ask personal information, don't reveal yourself too soon. A real person
    will have a life no matter how lowly his background so demand to know
    more, if they hold back, use your head. Most of them have fake
    facebook profile, usually recently opened, scanty personal information, showing
    and tell very little about them i.e. work, family etc. They will usually ask you
    to come and chat with them on messenger. You can tell their friends have no
    real connections to them, most added them innocently. You will learn more if
    you take time to check their timeline. This is not foolproof,
    but it should help. 

    To those who found business
    opportunities in Nigeria and are hesitating, well, Nigeria remain one of the
    best destination in terms of ROI. Know that the list of firms that have failed
    to make the first move into country and are now regretting it is
    growing. They now face huge barrier to entering the same market they
    rejected. One of the giant UK firm is a good example, it
    only succeeded recently by managing to acquire a smaller firm when it should be ruling the market considering its size and
    global presence. If you are a businessperson, you will understand that
    ''the higher the risk the higher the return.'' You can come up 1001 reasons you
    should not come to Nigeria but what you should ask yourself is why most
    multinationals have not left the country despite all the kidnapping? Nigeria
    has 36 States and most are peaceful. However, you will need to be careful
    in places like Jos-Plateau, Bauchi, Yobe and Maiduguri. The Niger-Delta, which
    has been a hotbed of kidnapping, has also become very peaceful. The locals are
    now being involved in the policing of the communities so security situation has

    Lagos, Abuja, Calabar and many other cities
    are peaceful with many tourist attractions. If you have a good guide to show you around, you will never
    be in trouble. Just ensure yours is reputable, traceable and agree expectations beforehand
    so there are no disappointments. The same applies to job seekers, there is a
    growing expert community in Nigeria, and they usually live together. Your
    employer will usually provide accommodation for you in these
    communities. As an expatriate you will enjoy a car, driver, steward,
    security among other benefits on top of this you have a minimum 30% tax free
    allowance, so the choice is yours. The temperature is averagely between 29oC
    - 32oC, rainfall peaks in July - August but mostly, its summer!
    There is plenty to do, many places to see, shop and hang out, there is
    never a dull moment if you are willing to explore. 

    Despite all the bad news, Nigeria remains
    a place to visit and continue to attract many. A land of opportunities and
    exuberant people. You will need to see things for yourself and form your own
    opinion. Although, governance is poor, the people are great and welcoming. The
    extreme security concern may be due to all the negative things you have heard,
    so come with an open mind and do not move around looking scared! Also, don't
    get confined to your hotel room as this would make life a living hell. Move out
    with your guide, don't forget to visit the open market and haggle with the
    market people. Enjoy your trip and make the best of it, no dull moments!

  • Please see all other warnings about Nigeria


    but if you go be prepared to be ripped off!!!

  • I lived in U.K. for more than 2 decades, before coming to Nigeria.

    @Angeleyess. I agree with one poster said your impression of Nigeria is a very negative and i am afraid some of your stories are hard believe.I actually live Lagos.

    Beyond "warnings" about Nigeria that are posted. I believe it is more accurate to talk to people who have visited or live in Nigeria use that as a guide.

    I am not going to go into the pros and cons of the country, others have talked eloquently about it. but I will say this after living in Nigeria. I think that despite its problems Nigeria get rather unfair treatment from the press.

    So no you are no going to Nigeria to get ripped of.
  • CJduke what is your original nationality?
  • American Is Lagos Nigeria Safe for Women to Travel?
  • It's fine if you do your research and use street smarts and common sense. If you're a naive or foolish person then you can get into trouble fast, same as in any big city - especially in a developing country.

  • Most countries warn against travel to Nigeria which is a very volatile country.

    There is no doubt that Nigeria has a fearsome reputation for kidnappings, corruption and political unrest, all reported as common occurrences. Lagos is congested and chaotic streets and markets are very crowded. So look after your stuff. And don't take photos on the streets. Nigerians don't like it.

    Westerners will attract attention and therefore feel conspicuous. For a female, especially those accustomed to the relaxed dress associated with the Western world. It is worth repeating that Nigeria is a very traditional country and therefore skirts above the knee and cleavage are both unacceptable.

    Men may also look a woman up and down, in quite an obvious way, appraising not only her clothes but her figure, which is not so good and can be quite distracting. This is common throughout Nigeria, as men and women adopt very traditional roles - the women being decorative and the men pursuing

  • I must visit Nigeria next spring and it is not my own desire, but my job needs it. So I am periodically intrested in Nigeria news. In the morning I have read the news which speaks for itself What kind of safety can we talk, the danger in Nigeria is everywhere and it is uncontrolled? If I had an opportunity to choose, Nigeria would be exactly the last country I would like to travel.
  • @Ivan_123 People die everywhere, most likely if you check the statistics; am sure more people die in your country than in Nigeria. Nigeria is a beautiful place and truly a lovely place to visit. With the right assistance and instructions (which we all need when visiting a new country), i assure you that you would have one of the best times of your life in Nigeria. Thanks.
    You can visit
  • "People die everywhere, most likely if you check the statistics; am sure more people die in your country than in Nigeria. "
    @drasob Nigeria has one of the highest death rates in the world.
    Most countries don't have Boko Haram running around killing people or criminals who abduct and kill people. If Nigeria is so wonderful why are millions of Nigerians desperate to leave and will even scam people to do so.
  • @Alethia Thank you for that link you put up. According to the data on the link, Nigeria takes the 19th position after countries like Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Jamaica and the likes. Does this mean that those countries do not have visitors coming into them; just so you know, South Africa has the largest number of visitors in Africa despite its high violence rate. Also, the violence in Nigeria as a result of bokoharam is restricted to only the North Eastern part of the country, and when last have you heard of their activities. Nigeria is this, Nigeria is that; yet Nigeria is the first country in the world to successfully be declared ebola free by the WHO after its outbreak. There are good and bad people everywhere in the world, in your country and in my country but we shouldn't allow the bad ones paint the whole country black. Thanks
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    @drasob We have heard it all before.
  • lol, you should come to Nigeria sometime @Alethia , i would definitely love to change your perspective about Nigeria :smile:
  • Once was blind but now can see. For what the eyez sees and the ear hears make the mind to believe. In this case many people have heard many negatives about Nigeria but haven't seen it. It takes a free mind to find. Give it a try & you will testify.
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