uk passports expiry dates



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    Just noticed my passport expires on 3rd april 2012 i am travelling to tunisia on 16th october 2011,will i be ok to travel.
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    Penny - it should be fine.
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    we are travelling to tunisia 28.4.2013 my daughters passport expires 22.7.2013 will she be allowed to travel
  • travelling to tunisia on 14.06.2013...but my passport expires on 24.07.2013.... but i have latvian passport...will i be able to travel?
  • hi im travelling to uk on 10/10/2013 but my passport expires on 16/06/20014 will im allowed to travel or i need to renew my passport ? thx to answer me
  • Hi Achref, 
    I'm not sure where you're from but you should be absolutely fine to travel. You have more than six months validity on your passport - and that is the maximum border control in any country requires. Enjoy!
  • It does depend how long you intend to stay... if it's for more than three months you may need to renew your passport, otherwise you should be fine!
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