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i want to know and find out if i got scamed

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i have someone that stated she wanted money for travel and wanted to know if this is a scam. she also asked for something and sent documents of pictures and also says she want to come to stay, i am from canada.


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    oh she said she is in nigeria,lagos and she send me a copy of the certificate of award, also she stated that she is a nurse and comes from ohio
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    Yes, it's a scam. Read other people's similar stories here.

    Don't send ANY money.
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    You've been warned, don't do anything you will regret - don't send any money! We are tired of you seeing you guys fall for these crooks and turning on the rest of us! Are you sure you are really dealing with a female, I suspect not!
  • Hi im brandon im from the United state's I been talking to this girl online.claiming that she is claire Nathan.she has a u.s cell number and me and her txt each other all the time. .we been talking for awhile. .I know and heard about the scams that goes on in Nigeria ..she was there and I stopped sending her money cause I freaked out about it. she is telling me if I send her a lil money to get her a new phone..she will be willing to video chat with me on tango. ..she says she has nothing to hide. ...what should I do yall
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    I am sure this woman, if she is a female, is a scammer. Why are you sending her money? How do you know where she is? Just because she has a US cell phone number does not mean she is in the US. You know nothing about this person and you have never seen her. You need to stop all contact with her immediately.
  • She is willing to video chat with me she keeps fighting me back that she is real she says she is in the Philippines now with her friend....I would love y'all help and advice to tell me what should I do. ..
  • If she can afford to travel to the Phillipines she can afford a new phone. I repeat what I said in my other post you know NOTHING real about this person, only what she wants you to know. You are being sucked in  by her, this is how screamers work. 

    Always playing games, if you buy her a phone she will allow you to see her, next it will be if you send her the airfare she will visit you but will have a problem on the way and you will need to send her more money and so it goes. You need to wake up and get this person out of your life.
  • Thanks for the advice aletha ..but she told me her friend name jenny paid for her airfare from Nigeria to the Philippines...she been in Nigeria cause her decease father has a heritance of money lock there..she claims she has a lawyer and everything..I did stop contact with her at one time cause I did thought that person was trying toscam me...but she keeps saying that she is real. ..she don't have a good phone and she wants me ro send her money for a new phone for we can video chat. .and she said I want be disappointed and worried anymore
  • What do you think I should do aletha cause she says if I send her the money for a iPhone she will show me she has nothing too hide
  • Can you please check her e-mail out for me [email protected]
  • Do you have any photos of this supposed woman? Have you used Google image to see if those photos can be found on the net? Is she a pretty young lady who looks like a model? 50% of Ghanian and Nigerian scammers
    have an inheritance of some sort and just need your financial help to get it. I got scammed by a Nigerian using the alias Sophie Clark and they claimed to be from the U.S and were using photos of porn model Sophie Moone. The love of your life is not going to admit they are scamming you, that would be self defeating. Also video chat
    can be faked using recordings and the right software.

    If you have money to lose than tell them you will go to them. You will never see them once you arrive but it
    will be a good travel experience at least. I wish I would have had the benefit of being warned before I lost my money and bank account. You have this benefit of being warned...take advantage of it.
  • Yes I have photos and pictures of it any way you can find out if they are fake she goes by the name of Claire nathan
  • If you want I can send you the picture's she sented me I just need your email address. 
  •  DontScamMe has told you to search through Google image to find her photos. So look for her.
    You came on this site because you believed you are being scammed we are telling you not to send her money and have nothing to do with her. This is not how normal people behave in a relationship.
  • I did Google search on her and I didn't seen any of her pictures every where on there
  • well am 15years old boy am from ghana am a scam too and i do this business because i lost both mother and father and my friend advise me to join this scam business and i will get what i need in my life 
  • Well listen im sorry if you lost your parents and I can tell you are from west Africa cause of your grammer lieing scamming inoccent people is your friend is wrong. .you both will never get nowhere in life. .say youngster I advise you too go to school if you do..we Americans are cracking down on y'all scams from overseas. ..
  • @lonelyeyez81: You say you did a search on her? How? By just putting her name in the search, or did you upload your photos of her? You must upload your photos of her to the engine if you didnt. Using her name is not
    good enough!!

    @abdul123456: Using deception and fraud to extract money from people is a crime and the same as stealing,
    there is no excuse for it.
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    Lonelyeyez is in denial just like every person who is being scammed, he is clinging to the hope that  Claire Nathan may be "the one". He already knows that the photos she sent him were of a webcam model called Karla Spice

  • @lonelyeyez81 scammers really have a way to get your sympathy. they have been in this business for years.. I repeat..years! so a simple guy like you can really be susceptible to their lies. don't send anything. listen to these people who can see what you're  going through better than you do at this point.

  • This is very true. by now you should have been able to at least had a video call with this girl. Never trust someone you have never even seen on cam. and never send anything.
  • Thank you Alethia for the info regarding the web cam model, lonelyeyez81 must know then.

    You are so right about the denial stage. I was in denial at first thinking the events that were happening were just a coincidence( like a check being mailed to my account and then bouncing). My denial ended when I learned how to use reverse image lookup and to my horror discovered my dream woman was a fraud using a models
    photos. I met my scammer in October 2013 and learned they were a fraud in May 2014, all that time wasted...
  • Well I'm using my android galaxy phone to try and upload a picture of her on Google image. do you do it from a smart phone?
  • lonelyeyez , this person has already sent a photo of a webcam model called Karla Spice , so why are you bothering to up load another photo when you know that this person is a SCAMMER !! 

    You really need to dump the scammer and go get a life instead of asking how to upload her photos on your Samsung phone !!  There is no fairy tale ending !
  • @lonelyeyez81

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  • I'm sorry, but she always have some smart remark too say..I did found out she was a scammer anyway, I just don't need know one trying too yell at me, like I'm stupid, I'm not stupid enough to give a stranger my hard earned money anyway..I don't really need to be on a dating site, and I choose not to go back on one. .waste of time
  • listen to the comments, 100% scam, happened to me, run for the hills and don't look back, trust me
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