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    Need a bit of help my wife is Colombian w/o greencard and i am an U.S. Citizen and we are trying to go to the Bahamas would it take her a while to get a visa if she needs one or would she be able to get a Visa on Arrival to the airport...
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    Do Trinidad and Tobago nationals require a visa to visit the Bahamas?
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    Im from the philippines, with a Philippine passport, but residing now in cayman islands and i have a valid 10 yrs US visa? do i need to get a bahamas visa going to bahamas? thanks
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    my Husband is planning a trip on cruise to bahamas. we stay in dallas,tx He is on H1 and i am on H4 visa type with Indian passport. we are planning to stay at bahama not more than 24 hrs.and bording from Mayami.
    Do we need visitors visa to visit bahama? if yes what is the best way to get it?
    please help us
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    Hi I am a Indian national and I am here in the US on a F1 student visa,me and my mom are planning to take a cruise tot the Bahamas this august,my mom has a multiple entry tourist visa to the US.I was just wondering if we still need to take a visa to take the cruise and get into the Bahamas and if yes what is the procedure?Hopefully you can help me out.
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    Hi! What are the requirements for citizens of KAZAKHSTAN who have multiple F1 visa to go to the cruise to the Bahamas?
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    I am Indian citizen and working on USA in H1B status. My visa get expired in passport but I have valid I-94 till next year as my petition get extended and did not get chance to go back in India. My wife has valid Visa stamped in her passport. My daughter has US passport. Please let me know if we can go Bahamas by booking through travel agency?
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    I'm a citizen and a current resident of the Philippines. I plan to visit the Bahamas for a vacation. I'm a holder of Philippine passport only, and definitely I need a Bahamian visa to go there. Will I be needing a US visa too before I could enter the Bahamas? Please reply asap. Thank you very much!
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    hi, i hold a dominican republic passport and i would like to travel to the bahamas do i need a visa? please reply me on that!
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    Do we need a bahamas visa if we have united kingdom visa and american visa? we have kuwaiti passport? answer ASAP please :(
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    If an Irish student wanted to do their college two weeks work experience in The Bahamas would they need a visa or what type of one?
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    I am from the Philippines and holder of Philippine passport. Do I need visa to travel to the Bahamas?
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    I am planning to take a 4 day cruise from Miami to Bahamas with my wife. I have a Indian Passport and US B1/B2 tourist visa (multiple entry). Do i require a Bahamas visa. The cruise will have a stopover from 8 AM to 11;59 PM at Nassau, and another 10 hr stop at Cruise lines private Island. Please let me know. Thanks
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    Did you take your cruise?
  • Can I get a visa agent from Bahamas to help secure 3 months Bahamas e-visa for a Nigerian planning to visit Bahamas for a short holiday?
  • 1.) General Visa information here:

    2.) Specific Visa information is Section 6 here:

    3.) Here's the Visa Application:

    Good luck.

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    Visa agents are found in countries such as Nigeria, India , Pakistan and other African states. Often where there are high levels of illiteracy or people cannot speak English. Corruption and fraud are rife amongst these visa agents. It is highly unlikely you will find a visa agent in the Bahamas.
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