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Delhi transit visa needed en route to London?

edited January 2011 in - India
Hi there

I am a UK citizen living in Thailand and I am flying to UK for a holiday in March.. my passport expires in June 2011

I know i wont have any problems getting into UK but I have a connecting flight in Delhi.. will I have any problems there.. its not like I am staying, only in transit to get a connecting flight to London

Many Thanks


  • Please visit the following link before any trips to India are planned, its something all traveler's to India should be aware of , for safety reasons...
    once you view this you will know Why I say that "Cancel your trip to India, Its different reading about it in books but really viewing hundred's of people taking a crap on the side of the road and peeing on trees and walls...Its Very Hot & humid, the cops are corrupt, the people are just out there to con you...and having verified the above mentioned link, people are really perverted and sick...the state of women in  80% of the country is humiliating...please dont support these sickos until government take adequate measures to make tourist, women and children here safe to live and travel
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