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Scams in Lagos Africa



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    @ foxthree i would like to know more about this person you speak of ..... seems close to something i am experiencing and would like to know its not the same person or is..... get back to me @[email protected].com...thnx
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    I just had finished a week long "love affair" with L_johnso the 1st day I called him out on it being a scam, but he never asked me for anything? So I just kept chatting on yahoo at all times and he called me several times, even tonight after I forwarded him this site. He claimed it was imposters!!! Yet was supposed to be flying out tomorrow am to move to Miami for me!!!!!
    I repeat he did not ask for money, but did mention he was unable to buy the ticket, that he claimed he already had a week ago... I think after my forwarding all this to him, he (they) will not use the name again.
    Too bad, I'd love to know who the cutie in the pics is :(
    Anyone wanna compare notes... I'm on yahoo
    As nisacgrove1 for yahoo chat!!
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    I was contacted by LUIS JOHNSON on Spanish guy with same sad story. On the Same day I was also contacted by a JARVIS ANDERSON, he is also on Match as Open2realuv and I began emailing both until LUIS phased out and I focused on JARVIS. This was in late December, 2011. About a month into it, I realized JARVIS was a scammer...he is supposedly Italian but working in Accra, Ghana building an orphanage, he has a small son named Eddy...he actually sent me flowers and gifts, so I bought the story...but thanks to some suspicious and astutes friends who didn't buy his falling in love with me in a week story, we did some research and by checking his IP address from the emails he sent, I realized he was in Ghana the whole time, even when he was supposedly emailing me from Italy. Ladies, check the origin of the IP addresses on the emails, you can do this on any IP address finder website. Also, I uploaded his pictures to the Google Images and did an internet search and found the pictures be log to a Gay Porn Star...Cody Cummings. He has a tattoo on his neck that reads "Family"...I am positive that the scammer is the same for LUIS and JARVIS, he is using multiple identities.
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    I just googled Cody Cummings and he is not the same face as the Luis Johnson that I was talking to. I have pics of him, how do you do the google image search? I'm curious to see who the pics belong to.
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    Cody Cummings is another profile for Jarvis---it is the same scammer using separate identities. Luis Johnson and Jarvis (pics of Cody Cummings) both had accounts on and both profiles reached out to me on same day. I compared Luis' emails to Jarvis emails and the words and love expressions they used were obviously written by the same scammer
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    I uploaded Luis Johnson's pictures to Google images but they only come back to a Badoo and MyLife account with those photos and that name---but it is still a SCAM!!! The scammer opened these accounts to sucker in more victims!! I could not find who the real cutie is...To do the image search:
    Upload the photo youu want to compare (the photo of the cutie) to your desktop or anywhere in your computer. Then go to Google, click on Images. When the box appears, instead of typing anything, click on the little blue camera which is inside the box in the lower right corner. Then it will give u the option to upload a photo. Click on that and browse for your phot and select...Google will search for that image on the internet. Thats how I found Cody Cummings using the scammer's photo of "Jarvis". But I could only find the fake accounts for Luis. Try it and let me know how it goes...any other ladies out there that want to put their guy to the test...would love to hear back on the results. If I can help at least one person, it will make my day!
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    has any one heard of Greg Anderson from England and has a 7 year old daughter. he is a
    single father and went to Nigeria to work. his daughter got sick and needs 500.00 to get
    her treatment, i like a fool sent it. now he needs 1000.00 to get her out.
    i met him on B2 date site.
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    Hi all, I 've been talking to a Michael La Chat has anyone talked with him ? Would like to know if this is the same person? He calls ,texts, the whole nine yardsWants to Marry said he was born in NJ grew up in Italy and now lives in Texas. Sound like someone you know ?
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    Hello ladies I meet a guy Michael Jay Robson on really nice guy very handsome goes by funlovernow. Light skin green eyes, civil engineer from Bronx lives in north Salem ny . Michael was working in malaysia now he's working in Nigeria. After the work as completed he was moving to Michigan to be with me,but he doesn't have all of the money for his ticket he's $500 short and even pastor Kunle bamidele and his wife have given him money to get to Michigan. Same story love letters everyday sometimes 2-3 a day. All he needs from me is the other $ 500. He wants to spend the rest of his living life loving me as only god intended. No kids never married. Last serious girlfriend cheated with best friend. Other women only want him for sex and his body is a temple to only be shared with his wife. He's waiting for me at money gram to send him the money ( yeah right). oh by the way his mom is from france his dad is from America he has one sister Austria she's married but he hasn't talked to her 6 years. I grew up believing that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I have read some of the comments from other and I am not naive. The last relationship that i was in was not a good one at all. I am a thoughtful caring person that has been used, so is it so wrong for me to want somebody to truly love me for me. Yes I spent 3 months writing him and I know that it was a scam now,but I'm only out of time not money. Still hoping for true love one day.
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    Yo Fellas, I was on my iphone app skout and met a girl who claimed to be from San Jose, California her name is Peyton Durham. Her contact email is Peyton Durham ;. Well talking to her for two days, and than her story well sad both parents died, and now shes working as a interior designer at Lagos, africa. She started sending me text, asking hows my day sounded cool to have communication but the question came up needed money for Food and Laundry. Than she stated she will starve and wait till i send her money in a few days during payday. Than after researching on google it showed this blog site of scammers now i didnt really think she was scammer but like what people typed was why was the accounted deleted from in this case skout so theres my story. I was starting to feel sorry for the person but once you bring money into the equation were not friends yet just starting to get to know you than that signals bad news.
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    Scams are really terrible. It is so very discouraging to go to a place full of scams. better to get rid of them.
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    WOW I am so glad I found this site. Just started speaking to him and when someone seems to good to be true they are! We only spoke for a day and then I searched google! It is so sad that people prey on innocents. Anyway I am too smart for that! :) Thanks for the heads up! :)
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    I should have added his name to my previous comment - it is [email protected] and Luis Johnson is his name.
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    My girlfriend is having an on-line love affair with a guy named "Don", supposedly in England, wife and daughter killed in car crash, mother just died of cancer, father dead, no family at all. Has $46 million dollars and wants to send her money (there's a new twist), which she, of course, refused. He is going to move to Montreal to be with her but hasn't shown up. She was burned by a scammer before but since she Skypes with this guy, she feels he is the real thing. Does anyone know more about this guy?
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    I chatted with Luis Johnson yesterday through IM. I emailed me what he called his "Auto bio" which included that he is in London for work and would be coming back into the states in two weeks ago. He was hoping to move wherever his soul mate lived. Also, the sob story about his deceased father and his mother who has cancer. All types of flags were going up and I felt the need to google him. I found two social network accounts with the same picture from the dating site (Oh, he's good). Then I decided to google his email address which led me to this site. I'm so glad this assists. It's a shame there are so many scamming out there.
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    Oh I just reported him to the dating site. He is going by Loveisgone35
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    i met a man on seniors meet . com doyle vance from green bay wis. construction eng ineer , wooed me very romantic. showed contract award for work in nigeria, ?lost equipment needed sent by air, asked for $, wore me down sent $2200 twice,5/30/12 western union then did my homework
    been scammed , ashamed , am intelligent woman ,nurse let emotions cloud thinking. he's still out there on seniors under user name4LOVEINHERE LISTED IN WISCONSIN ANOTHER USER NAME SAME SITE 2LOVE601 and ? STARTED ANOTHER USER NAME SEEKING4LOVE601 ,,ALSO ON LAVAPLACE CRYINGHEARTLOVER101 . HAS E-MAIL [email protected], and previous [email protected]
    check scambook, another victim prettyjewels scammed of $4600. poor man whose picture he uses. toying with him now , they don't like to chat on phone,uses IM on yahoo i have reported him to all date sites , and yahoo, and internet crime center. BEWARE!!
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    umm well ive got him right now hook line and sinker what should i do..?
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    I just reported Luis Johnson as well!! Unbelievable!! Grow up scammers, get a job!!
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    I too am currently talking to a girl named Peyton Durham who is doing fashion work in Nigeria. I don't have her email, just yahoo messenger ID. peytondurham533. Same story, both parents died, went to school in spain. etc. I really don't know yet if she is a scammer or not. Third day talking and she hasn't asked for anything yet
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    Having had some experience with romance scammers on dating sites I feel I should let you learn from my mistakes. First, dating sites are the prime target of scammers from many countries! They usually do not use proper grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Sentences such as, "I am Daniel by name." are dead giveaways. They will immediately invite you to chat with them out of the dating site, usually using a Yahoo messenger ID.

    After only a few days of chatting they start referring to you as their "soul mate" and ask you to shut down your profile on dating sites. They profess love to you without even knowing you well enough to do so. Their love letters can be traced by googling a few sentences from them which lead you to love/romance websites with poems and letters they have copied and pasted to you. Some might call you or send you gifts bought with stolen credit card numbers. They may ask you to cash a money order for them, send you a realist looking but fraudulent document. After you cash it at your bank and send them the cash (they will even thank you by telling you to take some of the cash for yourself) the bank discovers the fraud and YOU are responsible for paying back the bank.

    Their storyline is usually that they are widowed, have a small child to raise alone and our looking for someone to raise their child with. They will tell wildly unbelievable stories like their wife and parents were all killed in a plane or car crash. These stories are designed to make you feel sorry for them, they are NOT true. They will say the are civil engineers, living in the U.S. but working abroad. They will give you sob stories to get you to send money: need money for airline tickets to come see you or that they have the money for the airline ticket but need $600 to show customs that they have money to support themselves out of the country. Another story is that they have been mugged and unable to pay their hotel fees, their child has been hospitalized and needs emergency surgery, or that they have come down with a deadly illness and without medical care will die. These stories can get more and more elaborate depending on how desperate they are.

    The "cutie" pictures come from modeling websites, Photobucket, Shutterfly, any site where they can get photos of nice looking white men. When you ask to see them on cam, they will tell you the webcam is broken but they will insist on seeing you on webcam and won't hesitate to try to get you involved with cyber sex. If the man can't afford a webcam so you can see him live, then he is identifying himself as a scammer.

    Most important to know whether you are a man or woman chatting with someone from another country, the person very well could be the same sex as yourself! Men will pretend to be women and women to be men. If you haven't seen them live on a webcam, you DON"T know who you are talking to!!!!


    I am hoping this will answer some questions that I have seen on this website, please be careful, these men and women think U.S. citizens are desperate fools when it comes to online dating.
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    Hi from Germany,
    It is Christmas and I am eternally desperate, ashamed, stupid, and I hate myself for my good faith and my search for love!
    I have read all of this and realize after 2 years, that I - I've already fallen for scammers - which I secretly always knew! This has taken me to this day 5000 Euro, my bank oppresses me why but I've always been so stupid to transfer money over and over again! It is in 'my' scammers to Daniel Briggs! He apparently lives in New Paltz United States, has a 2-year-old son who lives with your sister in law and is active in the fashion industry and currently in Lagos, Nigeria, because he is there to get money for a big order. In the 2 years he was in the hospital several times in Nigeria and every time I called a doctor to ask for money for the treatment of me ... stupid as I was, I sent some money again. I am devastated, and as I said, most of all I hate myself that I - have not listened to my head but on my stupid heart - although I had such an idea. Everything I've read here, arrived and still I was hoping that someone with really serious about me and I wanted to help - because I believed in love ... that will not happen to me! No longer that I fall purely on someone like that and not that I believe in love and goodness in man! All this has not only robbed me of my money but also my self-esteem and my faith in love! The email address of this man is daniel.briggs55 @ and I learned it also know about
    Sorry for my bad English!
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    Well,it all started with a private message on Facebook.Paul Marko,this is his name,had an amazing story about how his wife and son Jeff died in a car accident because of a drunk driver.He is know raising alone his 11 years daughter.He is from England,London and Chessy his daughter is at school in Liverpool.He is a 47 years old orphan having no relatives,of course.Every time I asked about his wife's relatives,he avoid my questions.As he avoid most of the relevant questions also.He was the one looking for someone,but he was also the one that was sooooo scared of women,because they've hurt him and his daughter very bad.
    He was sending some amazing e-mails,that were describing him as the perfect man and offering the perfect love.I was a fool to believe that the perfect love actually even existed.His english is very bad,I could see this because of all the grammatical errors.I put this on the fact that he was writing fast and didn't pay attention.He sent to me by e-mail ,first a check of a not very big ammount,that he had received from a French company in Paris,for doing some constructions for an oil company in Nigeria.He said that he won a big contract.
    He never called me in 3 months,until the day that he supposedly dock after almost 3 weeks spent on a boat,taking the materials to the place where he was going to start the construction.When he called I could not hear him very well and when I could finally hear him, he sounded anything but British.Before getting to the boat he said that he has frozen all the accounts and has the money on payment orders,or as he said "Money order",which sounded strange.
    Few days after geeting to Nigeria,he had problems cashing the payment orders,when he needed to pay the Custom fees.He needed to go to London to solve the problems with the bank and on his way to the airport he had a taxi accident.Next day,the Hotels Manager where he had stayed for the past few days,called me on my cell,and in a very bad english said that Paul was involved in a taxi accident and that the taxi driver died instantly and "my husband" is now in the hospital in a coma,in a very critical condition.He got my phone number from Paul's cell and that this was the only phone number registered in there and saying "My Wife".That was the moment when questions began to replace the fog that was in my brain...How did the Manager of the Hotel got to be called by the Hospital ,if my phone number was the only one in there?Why wasn't I called by the Police or the UK's Embassy?Why hasn't anyone announced the Embassy?How did his accident got to be the Managers concern?
    Right after this person called me saying that he had an accident I set in front of my computer and looked on Google for "english man involved in a taxi accident in Lagos".This is how I came to read on this site about another story very similar to mine.
    This person keeps sending me messages on my cell about Paul's condition.Last night he told me that I should go "down there" to take care of "my husband" because God knows he tried.What do you know?!?!By this morning,Paul miraculously recovered from his critical condition."He came back to life,has a broken neck and the doctor is asking for money to run some tests ."Money, that me as his supposed wife ,have to send to the Manager to pay for the tests in the Hospital.
    Today,I told him that I find his voice very similar to Paul's and I think that they are actually one and the same person.He never called or send any messages since.
    I think we should create awareness and not let any other woman or man being scamed by these scumbags.
  • Does anyone know a man from Lagos named Engr Onyeoma Daniel Joseph??
  • Anyone heard of Michael Whitehead? [email protected] - says he lives in Gateshead Tyne & Wear as a self employed structural engineer. Parents both died in a car accident and brother died in Afghanistan. Father from Florida & mother was Italian which is where he gets his colouring from. Pictures he sent were of a tall, tanned good looking guy with a tattoo on his shoulder. Met on - quickly requested we chat on MSN but would not give me his number so we could text saying he had a problem with his phone. After a few days he removed his profile saying he had met the one! Sent me several emails then declared he was in love with me. We arranged to meet but he had to go to Seattle on business for a couple of days - even though he could not remember when he was due back! Messages on MSN while in Seattle then mid conversation he received an email from the Customs in Lagos asking him to go there ASAP as a shipment he was sending from the port had a problem. I asked if the email was legitimate as I had major doubts by now and he said it was (no mention of a visitors visa which I thought strange as I believe you have to have one before you can go there). He asked why I believed it was fake and I replied that it is a corrupt country and he needs to be careful. After a short time he said he had to go and catch his plane. I have not heard anything since (2 days now) so hopefully that's it - no emails or calls asking for money yet thank goodness.
  • Follow up to my previous post - Michael has now contacted me again. Claims to be in hospital after being attacked - says he can get help from an NGO with his flight costs but wants me to send him money for his hospital bills!! When I said I have no money he said he can't believe my attitude and he thinks he might be making a greater mistake being with me but will contact me when he gets back to the UK. I hope this message stops anyone getting duped by this guy. Luckily he has flaws in his story which is why I mistrusted him - I just hope others see through him too.
  • dating scam. I was on zoosk and this guy Justin bright wanted me to email him so I did. we been emailing back and forth for lil over a week. He over in Lagos trying to sell his business and lost his credit card 2 days ago and that was his only source of money right now and wanted me to send him $500. I always said if a man sounded too good to be true you can bet it is.  After asking me to send him the money, I replied I was not able to that I was in my own bind. He wrote back saying that sucks how he has no way of getting help now. I just replied, Sorry for you luck, but I can not do anything. I knew when he asked for money it was a scam.  If he had his own business and remodeled homes and such I doubt he only took ONE credit card. He claimed to be from north Carolina as well. So everyone beware if someone asks for money. don't fall for it.
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    kat 222488 and shelley uk


    well done! people be warned!

  • anyone heard the name jeremy pratt I think I got lucky too stories here sound similar
  • He just contacted me and I told him if he is who he says he is I'll see him when he gets back in the states
  • Iv been dating a Nigerian guy for 7 months now, and he already wants to have a family and he hasn't introduced me to any of his family members. And when we met he was very secretive, he stilll is. Everything I ask him, he says I'll tell u later or its personal. And he chats with women on the internet about business and money, and when I ask, he says hes doing his friend a favour... Then the other day he said the guy passed away but he's still doing it! Like how long is this guy going to be alive?

    What should I do in this type of a situation. Your honesty wil be very much appreciated
  • tita and elle

    run do not get involved

    do not give them your number or email as they will keep hounding you

    if you have I suggest you change it now!



  • yes im changing it today.. because my phone bill came so high!!! from receiving texts ..he ruined my life now thanks to him I can not do banking with any bank due to fake check he deposited...I cant believe it


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    I wrote to you and a member called Cindy on the 4th May 2013 but you failed to read the post or respond.Here is the post I made, hopefully it will help others

    Tita sorry to rain on your parade but it is 100% a scam . Stop all contact with this man immediately and do not send him another penny. He is NOT an American if he was in difficulties he could contact the US Embassy. 

    Cindy you are also being scammed and need to break off with this man. Your expectations are totally unreasonable.No one in the USA is going to help you to bring a penniless Nigerian in to the country. He doesn't love you, just because he is not in an internet cafe proves nothing. He will groom you for a while before he asks for money. He needs a visa to enter the US and on the basis of your so called "relationship" he would not be granted a visa.

    Both of you are being taken for a ride by professional scam artists known as the Nigerian 419 Scam (419 is the Nigerian law pertaining to scams) There is a ton of information regarding theses scams on line.

    Ladies wake up and smell the coffee you are both being scammed.

    Please read this:
  • There is a guy named Kamil Rehak who says he is from England but living in Texas. He is widowed as his wife died of breast cancer and has a son in college in England. He is currently working in Lagos Nigeria under a month contract as an engineer. He is on, and Facebook. Not sure if he is for real or using some poor mans identity to suck women dry. When i Google him and saw the sites he was on, I asked him about Wayn, he immediately made an account for Nigeria... LOL I thought that was funny. he is very good at what he does, so be warned! He said his mother was British and his Father was Czech republic. All he is doing now is asking for money for various reasons. always a good excuse however I am no Fool. I have done my homework and I do believe that he is a fake. He will never Skype, he always has an excuse and the number he called from was a magic jack number. go figure.....
  • hello i am the victim from a nigerian scammer name Terry Smith his mail adress [email protected] 
    i have meet this man of tagged datingsite we have first talk for some weeks after he wanted chat of yahoo 
    he was a engineer work first in Londen he say later he needed to Lagos Nigeria  his wife had a acident with the carr and die he got 2 son a twins from 8 years later he have give me his phone number he have call me 5 times a day more than 1 year he told me he have lost his credit card and call me in the night crying from hungry he said i have help him crazy i have lost much money after he have contact my daughter but my daughter say mom lat him first come than i see  he have also borrow money from my ex man for a ticket we have realy trust him at 29 juli he call me honey i come tonight come to the airport i have stay there very long time he have not come the next day i got a mail from Global medical with pics that mr Terry Smith had a carr acident  i know all this was a lie becaurse not any hospital work with Gmail and not any hospital or police tell on the phone or with mail what she have in his pocket i am a nurse 36 years so i know very good how it work i got very sweet mails from his kids mails from his boss but it were mails who he have send self he have use pics from kids for get money he have also 4 facebook accounts i like to come in contact with woman who have the same with Terry Smith if woman want see the pics send me mail [email protected] this all i have lost 7000 euro my ex man 1500 euro so please make not the same mistake like me he start oh no i want never ask you money i have enough for my self but later he come she have stole his credit card or have lose his credit card this is his phone number what he have use but i have 4 numbers 002348165650777
  • Wow this is Crazy. Well I met a guy off of a website and he was very attractive and from California. His Name Is Steve Jack... My dad said NEVER trust a man with two first names. This guy and I have been texting for a few days and he told me that he was a Civil Engineer working on a project for Lagos Africa and that he wanted to send ME $3000 and he would pay back my loan. He had me apply for the loan on a website  Again I was skeptical but I applied for the loan, under my name and put his name as the guarantor person that pays back the loan.  He texts me over and over asking me if I had gotten approved and to check my spam folder.  I got the email and it stated that Steve Jack would be the guarantor to pay back the loan and all I had to do is send $260 fee and I would get my $3000.  Steve told me to western union the money and use these stupid password and answers "Pet, Cat" Lol. Guys I'm 19 Years old and VERY attractive But I am NOT Naïve ! I said "Steve I don't have $260" He Then told me that he would put up his LAST $160 and all I have to do is put up 100 & when I receive the $3000 to just send him his $160 back.  I said Steve if you only have a $160 To Your Name, Why The Fuck Are You Giving Trying To Give Me a $3000 LOAN ! So i'm learning to avoid signs like "Civil Engineer" "One Daughter" "QUICK LOAN" "AFRICA" & All the other bullshit ! & guys this happened these last THREE days.

  • Met man on noticed he had several user names etc notified match and they verified by their security dept they believed this person to be a scammer as he would only stay on a few days and cancel membership. I have placed his photos on romancescam.c
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