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Worth visiting Equatorial Guinea?

edited May 2013 in Africa
On a trip to west and central Africa is Equatorial Guinea a good country to stop off in and explore? There seems to be very little helpful info on the net so I would welcome advice from travellers who have been there or know something about the place. Is it safe? What are the main attractions?


  • Hi Sally,
    Equatorial Guinea has some epic rainforests and beaches and some great wildlife (gorillas and turtle nesting grounds) so it is definitely a worthwhile destination. However, the reason there is so little info out there is that the country somewhat discourages tourism with serious corruption and not much tourist infrastructure. Violent crime is not a problem and the country is not dangerous but although it is very wealthy by African standards the majority of the population is desperately poor which means that petty theft can be a problem. It has the potential to be a wonderful holiday destination and if you're looking for a challenge and some adventure off the grid its a gem, but don't go if you are averse to roughing it and dealing with official bureaucracy. This guide to Equatorial Guinea is probably the most comprehensive you will find.
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