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Entry into Australia with previous drug conviction

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will a conviction for drug importation 7 years ago prevent me from going on holiday to australia ?


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    Morkey - it may do. You need to contact your local Australian Embassy to get further information. However, you must be up front with them. You need to explain your conviction, whether you did prison time, where the conviction occured. I wish you luck and I hope you will be able to take that vacation to the land down under
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    Morkey - one way to ensure this is clarity is to apply for a visa, even if ordinarily you dont need one. This will ensure you are cleared for entry before arriving at immigration. Lesley is right though - you are best speaking to your nearest Aussie embassy as drug importation is a serious crime with a long shelf unfortunately.
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    Can I travel to Australia with an ABH charge from 2003?
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    @VespaMan1972 - In determining whether to grant a visa to an applicant, or to allow a passenger arriving at an air or seaport to enter, the immigration officer considers each case on its merits – there is no blanket policy of refusal or acceptance.
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    I have a criminal record which i have been incarcerated (short term) for most minor and a while ago. my fiance went there to visit family as she is from there . while there she has been diagnosed with blood clots on her lungs and cant return to canada. i need to find out if there is any way to obtain a visa to visit. she has been given 3 - 6 months to live. time is of the essence for obvious reasons. any help would be greatly appreciated
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    As a general rule, Australian border control will refuse entry for people who have served more than one year in prison. Anyone with a criminal record, regardless of their nationality, should apply for an Australian visa with the nearest embassy before embarking and declare all criminal history to prevent being refused entry on arrival.
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    Has anyone had experience (good or bad) with getting a tourist visa for a Botswana National (Botswana Passport Holder) for entry into Australia. He is employed (own business) and has a minor conviction for possession of cannabis from some years back (was fined only) I would be interested to know if anyone has been successful on the first application, what documents (if any) had to be re-done, what the time frame was of the application, and if there were particular obstacles encountered along the way.

    I am thinking this is going to be a long process, but I am hoping that it may be less difficult for a Botswana passport holder , as I know Nigerian, Ethiopian etc etc have very low success rate. I would appreciate any feedback.
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    Hi, I have applied for a visa and it's been accepted but no question was asked about my conviction. It was for posession and years ago but am worried I maybe stopped when trying to enter ? does anyone know if this is possible and how I can find out for sure I am allowed in the country?
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    hi, i have been offered work in tazmania in the aquaculture sector and was wondering if my drug conviction from 10 years ago will prevent me from getting a working visa? it's the only thing on my record but i did serve 7 and a half months
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    I recently had the chance to travel to Perth WA, to visit my nieces and brother in law. My sister having returned to the UK with her husband,
    an Aussie,and her 2 daughters ( age 11months & 3yrs) after living in
    Australia 14 yrs and tragicly died within 15 wks of arriving in the uk
    from a higly aggressive brain tumor. As they hadnt established their new
    start, my brother in law returned to Australia. I am an addict and in 2005, l was imprisoned in Jamaica for possesion, attempted smuggling and supply
    of 30lb ganga. I spoke to the Aus High Commision, was advised that as l served just 9 months to apply for an on-line visa AND most importantly, when filling the entry slip on the flight BE HONEST. Tick the box asing if you have a criminal record. If you lie, you commit a serious offence as soon as you step off the plane. I had to spend 5 mins clarifing the offences.
    I have just returned after 3wks with my nieces in Australia.
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    That's great advice, I'm glad you were able to visit your nieces in Perth. It's always best to be honest upfront, and the Australian government is usually forgiving if you've shown rehabilitation and were incarcerated for less than one year.
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    Well the should do after All aren't they all descendants from uk criminals.
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    mellow2, did you travel there on an ETA visa? You said online application so thats what I was assuming, since they say you are eligible for this as long as you have not had a prison sentence of 12 months or more (served or not).
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    Can you please advise if I need a visa to go into Thailand. I have a PNG passport. Thanks
  • Can anyone help please im looking to visit Oz and was wondering if i would have problems gaining entry or visa  for holiday/ visiting family I was convicted of possession with intent to supply class A in 1997, my first ever offence i was sentenced to 18 months but did 9 months in prison 9 months on licence / probation would that class as under the 12 months or over ??? Am i best just to go on holiday visa and not tell of it and then state on flight card ???? So desperate to visit family there.... Thanks
  • My boy friend was in jail for 8 years an recentky free but he live in Jamaica an I want him to come to Australia to live wirh me, do you know if I can get him here he has changed an done his time, I really woukd need anyones help here. We also consider getting married. Any suggestions is welcome.
    Many Thanks.
  • It is highly unlikely that your boy friend willbe allowed to enter Australia even if you marry due to his substantial criminal record.

  • I've been convicted of a few minor things. Possession ( 1 joint ) got a warning. Drink driving. Will this affect my application for a permanent resident visa.
  • Irrespective of which visa you apply for, you must state if you have any criminal convictions inside or outside of Australia, and you may be asked to provide police certificates as part of your assessment against the character test. If you do not divulge your criminal history, your visa application may be refused or your visa cancelled.

    The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection have the power to refuse or cancel a visa on the basis that a person does not pass the character test. In some cases, even if you do not pass the character test, the Minister can exercise discretion not to cancel your visa.

    Decisions to cancel or refuse visas on the basis of the character test are made after full consideration of all the circumstances of a case.
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