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UK / Nigerian Scammers



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    I met GREG SEAL, [email protected] on, username
    Numero09. If anyone has heard of him please respond.
    This man, Greg Seal, age 55 was born to American father and a Austrian mother. Left Texas at age of 7 and raised in Vienna through adulthood.
    Said he spoke Dutch. I kept telling him they speak German in Vienna. He kept telling me I'm wrong. He immediately had me set up a Yahoo IM acct.
    We im'd for about 3 weeks at which point I told him it was time to hear each others real voice. The number he had on his IM acct never worked. He said it was the country lines they were repairing in Texas. Finally called me on a "blocked" number.

    Said he lost his wife of 23 years to leukemia 3 years ago and has spent the last years working in Dubai; and both parents died in 2004.
    Never had children. Said he has a house in Lexington, Tx., Manhattan, NY and was building a small hotel in France.

    He is a Marine Engineer and will take on his last project in the Republic of
    Benin, Africa. Then retire and move to San Francisco with me. Fired his lawyer and closed his bank accts. in NY before leaving for Benin.

    There was a tremendous amount of heart conversations during our relationship, so tender and soft.

    He was to make 2.6 million on his project to find sample of oil for the government of Benin. The Finance Minister of Benin calls me to congratulate me that the sample was found. Greg puts my name as beneficiary on all project documents. Now he cant get out of country until he pays tax clearance of $260.000. I had already sent him $44,000 for equipment malfunction and customs.

    After I tell my best friend about Greg needing $260,000 she informs me that I have been scammed.

    I sent him my entire life savings really amounting to $55,000 because I took the money from my 401K and have to pay the tax.

    I told him I've been scammed. I informed my local police. I was so mad that I sent him all my conversations I had with the police. The police cannot do much. I did fill out my forms with IC3 (FBI). I am presenting talking to a lawyer for a possible Class Action Case.

    After uninstalling my IM he called again August 1 says he made it back to NY but is in detention for immigration and needs to deposit the 2.6mm so he can get legal clearance from Benin. Wants to know if I have credit cards and his financier will call me for instructions.

    I was on to him and told him I cut up all my credit cards and I'm a cash girl only. After his financier called me and told me it has to be done by card, I told him I don't have one he said I won't be able to help Mr. Seal then. Greg was so mad, said I ruined everything.

    Greg's last reply to me on August 6, he says, "I will surprise you when I show up with your money", and I will not read or write you again.

    He says I never cared about him and I only care about getting my money back.

    He says that I have made "his name" so bad in the US how can he show his face. We talked so much about the evil in the world. He said that between the two of us we will make the world a better place. On and on and on!!

    I cannot begin to express the pain in my heart. This man, Greg opened my heart up that has laid dormant for so many years. I fell hook, line and sinker.

    Now I can hardly function. I cry a lot. I know it will pass but right now, oh it hurts so back.

    Please let me know if you have heard of this man, GREG SEAL, from Lexington, Tx.
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    The moment I joined a free dating site Tangowire and even before I completed my profile ....a very handsome pic popped up of a guy who looked like an Italian model, and probably is! The guy who popped up to chat said he came on to me as I was listed as a widow (£$?), and that he was a gemologist living in San Francisco aged 45 -1 David Knight aka Davide De/Angelo... [email protected] He said he lost his wife 5 years ago in a RTA and I notice a recurrent theme reading some of these posts, had a son of 14 who oddly was @ school here in the UK in Liverpool, of all loving, he was too good 2 b true - which is indeed the trigger we all need to be aware of.

    Just lately I note he's come off that site, having collected several lady friends on the way ......

    Funny - no phone calls/texts - ever, some excuse about his accent...I got a landline no. from him +1 415 932 8911 and the voice to me was clearly of 'black', and certainly not Italian and doubt very much he was born in Sicily where he says he was born! Either/or, should at least speak English by the age of 45! When questioned about this he just said that's why he never phoned and had said earlier on that his accent 'was bad', bit like him really, and as for his English, well....and the spelling/grammar - even worse!

    Most of the guff is cribbed from Scammers' sites, just enter the 1st line or 2 into a browser and up they are not from his black evil heart! Always vague with info or doesn't answer, just an ok or some such, and Sweetie seems a popular form of address, and of course, lots of I love you's etc. And clearly doesn't bother to read any emails you might send between IM 'chats', note that too (too time-consuming when they have dozens to 'chat' with. Ah, another thing, on IM you can find out who else they are friends with, thought to warn them too but wasted far too much time on all this already!

    Oh, and he's v fond of Chris de Burgh (only tracks to hand wherever he operates from?)

    he landline tel no. did track to a part of SF but not the nice part he claimed to live in ...but tel no of course is unlisted and untraceable!

    The Air ticket he told me he bought to visit the UK actually needed to be paid for within 48hrs, and was not actually confirmed, and the mobile number shown on the ticket for said Mr David Knight doesn't seem to exist, what a surprise! I wonder if he had to give a passport number to get a ticket on the 'net, who knows, or cares?

    Just glad I didn't actually waste £ on hotels, travel to H'row and so on, though he thinks I have. He also asked for a Play Station for his son when I offered to bring a gift!

    Must be a brilliant engineer though, I asked previously if he'd ever worked in the Ukraine (had some bad accidents there of late) no he replied, but, guess what? Next thing I know, off he goes there, to mine emeralds, not that he could spell the word! And, they dig down 60' in the 1st day!

    Had probs with the tools he tried telling me, oh dear, said I, am sure they will be insured, or you'll have to use a credit card. Blow me, said he didn't have one on him. When I travel abroad I make quite sure I take 1 of mine ....and, if he had to pay for his air ticket to the UK over the 'phone, wonder just how he managed that with no credit card?

    You have to be awake and note the cribbed guff, no phone calls, or if you do get any, take note of the accent, and is he/she there if you phone? I did ask for more pics initially and it seems clear to me his 'son' in fact appears to be no less than 2 different boys of different ages.

    They are not that bright, believe you me. Time-wasting yes, pull @ the heart strings yes, bit addictive yes, but come on - not intelligent! Also, when they crib guff off the 'net look for the 2 .. in between sentences. Of course, when they read this post it will arm them to maybe try harder/be cleverer but, if they don't have the grey matter in the 1st place, they'll have to climb back up the trees.

    They are of course bastards, utterly heartless but I believe a higher power will deal them some very harsh blows at some point, for what goes around, comes around, and hopefully where they're concerned, tenfold!

    And if I spoke Nigerian I would add a tasty postscript for them right here and now for them to read, but I don't!

    Ladies/Gents, do take care, they also show fake passports/id's etc so whatever you do, don't waste a dime on these creeps and check out the BBC Crimewatch video too.
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    ADDENDUM- he's now asked for $5k to be sent via Western Union money xfer and for me to mail him the code - to be sent to Jackie Miller Luganask Ukraine Zip Code 91000

    He'll have a very long wait!
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    in ref to addendam, a man called alan brown has used this person to collect money for him , unfortunantly i had already sent some & was willing to send some more , till i saw this post & then was reqesting more info than needed , watch out peeps for a jackie miller,alan brown, martha sometimes called maggie
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    David Knight played the same game with me. Exactly the same story, but he got the wrong lady..;-)..Hopefully all the ladies are realizing early enough before they loosing money, what's behind this handsome lucking guy.
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    does anyone know [email protected]
    is he a legit match? say's he's a civil engineer, owns gas stations
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    More like scam artist
    Do not send any money or give any presonal info
    Research him on facebook and see if his photos there or look on Romance Scam doto com I just checked and found a hit on this site please check it out
    Only chat on the dating site and do not invite to personal email.
    This is how they hook you. Take the test there! And if his profile is fake report it to the site managers.
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    Hi just reading the comments here and although i did not send any money to either of the two men who tried to scam me because i have none i also felt hurt by these men who claim to love you. They do invest sometime in their scams lol i work in a bank and have heard from alot of women who fall for all kinds of scams from fraudulant money orders to men asking for money. Anyway i met these 2 men on and both tried to scam me as well one was supposed to be in an accident and a supposed doctor called me and asked me to be his gurantor which would have made me responsible for his hospital bills and was angry when i wouldnt do this for him, then he said he spent all his money on his new company and need me to send him 800.00 to africa so he could fly home and would pay me back when he came to see me, after christmas and was very angry when i told him i didnt have any money to send him he was verbally abusive when i told him he was no kind of man cause real men dont ask women for money lol. The other man uses the im in another country and sick and needs help to pay his hotel bill and that he loved me and sent me a package full of jewellery including a diamond engagement ring, even sent me pictures of all these jewels then said that they are stuck in maylasia at customs being held, this man sends an extremely good picture of himself and will show you his penis on cam but it is a video of a very well endowed man. Beware of these two men Franklen Williams and
    George Lampard.
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    Please be aware of Russell Richard Davies [email protected] He said he lived in Atlanta Ga. even invented a web site and a so called company he owned called Mahony Consults. I met him on OK Cupid. He was unlike any other man before. He sent me flowers at work. He seemed so real in my heart I really wanted to believe him. He said he was British American , and he did have a very sexy accent. He started out very different than others that had tried to scam me but this one was very smooth and so very conviencing. He has a daughter named Isabella they were in London he was doing work for the 2012 Olymics and had been there since Jan. 2012. His contract was over and started asking for money to get back to states. The money he got paid was in a form of bonds and since he didn't live there he could not cash to get home so he says. Anyways this went on for several weeks he even sent me copies of contracts, passport, the check in bonds it self and it would keep going on and on if I kept allowing it. I have told him I would not help him any longer and if he wants to cont.any relationship with me when he finds a way back to the states then look me up .
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    Dear Anya,

    Thanks for deleting the post and saving me from a disaster.

    Appreciate your help.

    Take care
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    No problem... sorry to hear about your troubles.
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    Well thank God I wasn't scam out of any money...I met Wayne A [email protected] on a sent me a message telling me how beautiful I was...He sent me a 3 page letter telling me he's an only child he born in Kenya. His father was adopted and his mother was from an orphanage, his wife died in automobile accident ironically the same year he supposedly had graduated from college. His profile on Tagged is a well dress good looking man Wayne A..from Portland Oregon age 48 birthday sept 9th..well he was too good to be true and I started second guessing alot of what he was saying. He's a independent civil engineer that travels all over the world..god fearing man looking for a god fearing woman. He told me god revealed to him I was his soul mate in less than 4 days. After searching for him on google NOTHING...then I went one step further FBI and that's when I found out he's a scam artist...There is a unsuspecting nice looking guy out there pictures being used for EVIL..I am glad I found him out before any money was exchanged. I played along with his stories and text him as if I was ready to love again and I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life..all the while during my research...The red flags was with the 1st letter...not too mentioned magic jack phone/a text only phone...Thank God my uncle who's a pastor pointed out alot of wrong in his letter speaking the word of GOD....I cancelled him within 4 days...he was just simply too good to be true..Ladies any man that's too good to be true probably is...I have a total of 14 pictures of a very attractive man..
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    You know what, I have heard so many stories for the Western Girls falling in love an demotions with any stupid guy from Eastern world or 3rd world. They scam for money and girls (most often) got trapped easily, may be due to emotionless manhood of west is the cause but please I always request to women suffering from this thing NEVER EVER let this deceptive virtual world overcome your true real world. Always bring this virtual thing in real world to advance things.
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    Hello guys!
    i have also something to share I don't know is it going to be a big problem for me or going to bring me a happiness... anyway I met this guy on online dating site called
    He is originally for UK but works at South Africa he said he is a business analyst in IT department.
    He proposed me on our 1st chat and slowly i fell in love too.Its been just a month now He said he is coming to meet me this christmas and wants to marry me on January. We just did chat only not video conversation no voice chat nothing he says he wants me to see him only when he'll come to my country. But he never asked me for a money till now. He said he talked to his parents about me and they liked me and I did chat with his mother also everything looks fine and going good but I am just scared that everything is going so fast that its becoming hard to believe that this is happening.

    Can you please suggest me how to investigate him? I just want to know that he is fake or real...
    Help me!

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    I met one on datenetwork that does same thing.Falls in love fast, after two wks started asking for money.In Africa can't Cahill check needs money to get home to Trafford PA. Goes by name ethnirishbrian.On facebook and netlog as ethanbrian
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    Does anyone know the name Isaac De Zeew. I have been having a similar online romance for the last three months. He is now asking for money. Says he is from the Netherlands but is in Nigeria now finding a good dealer for his leather? Help
  • Since I do not know who to ask me, I took scammer fight into their own hands!
    I made a facebook page and I placed it on social sites known to me!
    It's outrageous that Facebook does not take any action to dsfiinteze Dave accounts Morre Nigerian / English? Scammer!
    We have already received death threats, blackmail and pressure, to give them $ 2000-5000 in exchange for a video which shall be immediately compromising a fake!
  • hi, im elly from indonesia... when i use dateonline, i always meet scammer... but thx god they never take any money from me. when i read this discussion, its really good, make me more carefull.. im sorry for my bad english, thx u all
  • Does any one know of a man Mike Twits? Met on POF user name riki777.
  • I have answered you repeatedly on this site. There is no such person as Mike Twits. That name is an alias. There is no Norwegian name Twits.
  • I am lost for words. It seems to paint that my country is just that of scammers. I seriously apologise for the victims of love on behalf of my brethren. Please do forgive with the bad elements you came in contact with.
    However, love is rational. In as much as I love you, there is still that need for wittiness in handling of issues as that of sending money, bank or card details.
    The Nigerian government of today is assiduously working, and we believe that it would stop and defaulters brought to book. Again our apologies
  • Please help
    I got a Facebook friend request from a Mary Michelle who claims shes a computer programer from North Dakota who got a job in Lagos, Nigeria for a company who's name eludes me at the moment. She has a daughter.  She sent me pics of her and her daughter that looked like pics on someone took on a cell phone.  Not even two weeks into talking she asked for money to "get by for a few days" because the company wouldn't pay her until she finished the job.  Now she is done with the job but she cannot get home because she claims the check the company gave her cannot be cashed there and she has no way to send the money back home.  She also wants to start her own business and needs my savings account so that the company she worked for can pay her electronically.  (She cannot use her own account because she's not in the country).  I am very leery of her.  Every time I tell her to go to the US Embassy to find a way home she says they cannot help her.  I am not sure of her true identity but after reading all these stories on here I feel she may be a scammer.
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    100% this person is a scammer and you should stop all contact immediately. . 

    1. It is simply untrue that a lone woman from North Dakota would be working in Lagos as a computer programmer. Computer science is taught in Nigerian universities and they do not need to bring in foreign programmers.

    2.The US Embassy do help stranded citizens but this person is not stranded and it is highly likely not even a woman but a male scammer in an internet cafe.

    3.Are you so naive to believe that if someone has a US bank account, they cannot use that account if they are abroad? US bank account holders transfer money in and out of their bank accounts whilst abroad, and use ATM cards all over the world, your scammer is lying to you 

    4. Why would you be so foolish to give anyone, let alone someone you have never met your bank account details.

    Block this person and change ALL your contact details have nothing more to do with this person they are definitely a scammer.

  • I was wondering with respect to UK/Nigerian Romance Scams if anyone had heard of a fellow from Liverpool named Davis Morrison who said he is has been doing work in Nigeria? He says he is widowed and has two kids named Jimi who lives with his sister, Sarah in Oklahoma, USA and his daughter, Kimi lives in Malaysia. I feel I have been a recent victim of fraud by him and have sadly lost a chunk of money helping him with medical fees for his daughter who had an accident to her head on a fall on the stairs at her school and a doctor in Malaysia contacted me to pay fees in order to first proceed with surgery then to have her released I had to pay 2,000usd. I flew him to see his daughter and helped him pay some bills to go while he waited for his final 70 percent payment on a engineering job so I was just wondering if this name was on a list of scammers or if any other woman was contacted by to know....Tessa
  • Tessa you most definitely have been scammed, did you not ask simple questions or think things through?
    Why would a British man have children in living two different countries, with names like Jimi and Kimi? These scammers rely on your ignorance of the world and other cultures combined with their claims of undying love.

    Malaysia has FREE healthcare you could have googled that information. Not every country is like the US where you pay for healthcare. He never flew anywhere he probably never left his computer in downtown Lagos.

    There is no Davis Morrison , by the way the name Davis in the UK is a surname not a first name. If I asked you for money because I had a serious medical problem would you send it? No because you do not know me and you have not met me,so why would you believe a man you have never met and no nothing about except the fairy story he has told you.

    The story he told is a standard scammer story, widowed man , one or two children who live in another country and he has a contract in Nigeria, Ghana or Timbuctoo !! I hope you have dumped this man and have no contact with him.
  • Hello i have a penpal for 4 years who i met on flirtomatic he is from nigeria and he said to me about 6 months into friendship he wants to marry me i am in uk i dont like him like that but he asked me to send money fordocuments and a house cause he homeless but then i didnt text him for about 3 months and his brother started threating my life and i still talk to this man cause i amscared turning things around on me and he says he would kill him self if i dont talk to him he as asked me for lots of money i make an excuse up i met him on flirtomatic he tells me he is a prince but he as no money i think its a scam and he got2 names don parker is one of them m worryed can anyone help please
  • He also told me he was a computer engineer and he as moved to ghuna with friends but wont give me adress i am having sleepness nights over this and i am a sick woman i havent sent money just a mobile phone voucher for 10.00 i was single when i met him how do i stop contact with him he sends pics but he tells me he as no money but he got an iphone5 off his sister he says
  • He also told me he was a computer engineer and he as moved to ghuna with friends but wont give me adress i am having sleepness nights over this and i am a sick woman i havent sent money just a mobile phone voucher for 10.00 i was single when i met him how do i stop contact with him he sends pics but he tells me he as no money but he got an iphone5 off his sister he says
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    How do you stop? You change your phone number, stop texting and stop ALL contact with this man. He is not homeless and he not going to kill himself.
    I can't believe you have been in contact with this scammer for 4 years and have only sent him $10.Why do you want his address? Who cares where he lives, its certainly not in the UK. Its mostly likely some where in Nigeria

    The scammer is not going to turn into Mr Wonderful. You need to pull yourself together and stop moaning about a situation over which YOU not the scammer have total control. Stop contacting him today and pull yourself together.

  • I think I have been scammed by Ruben Jarvis we meet on Facebook he request me as a friend in January and we have been chatting on yahoo. He claims he lives in Liverpool and was in the UK for work he wanted me to give him my bank account info so his lawyer could deposits money in my account then once money come he wanted me to send him 80.000.00 hold the rest until he came here to were I live I said no. Then he needed the money to complete his job in the UK since I would deposit money he said that the check was coming from Nigeria and his lawyer wanted him to leave UK and go to Nigeria to collect money. He didn't have plane fare to Nigeria so I sent him 900.00 dollars to Mr. Albert Mike in Nigeria I western union it to Promise ibeh in port Harcourt. He gets to Nigeria then he was told the check was deposit in his bank of america account here in the states. No he needs money to come home its took me 2 weeks to decide to help again this time it emwas 1,100.00. On Ruben Jarvis was to airport the cab has a accident the driver dies Ruben was unconscious the doctor calls me because they said I his wife they need permission to work on him I say yes the next day he was a wake then they want me to send 700.00 to helping Ruben now Ruben say they will not allow him to leave it to 2 month so I sent another 300.00 after that I said no. So finally when I said no I get a email that Ruben took poison I told them not to contact me. So he say they felt sorry and let him leave. He got to the airport with the ticket I bought and it exspire they will activate the tick for 359.00 I say no again . Now he say he is stuck there unless I send him a iPhone for a company that wants him to send them phones when he come home but the need to see what one looks like. Since he has been in Nigeria his 12 year old daughter died he is about to loose his contract in the UK . He was telling me he love me which I don't believe. Dr. Hope work at the hospital and Joe Dickson. Teaching hosoital
  • Can you please check the names.
  • We do not have to check the names, this is a classic scam and you should have nothing further to do with this man. Do not send more money do not send an iphone. If you look through this site or the internet you will see hundreds of stories just like yours. Stop being foolish and stop sending money.
  • Thank you. I have went through the sight I wish I had seen this sight before now. I kinda of new but I was hoping that it was real.
  • Everyone be aware of Ruben Jarvis he says he is from Sadi Arabia and live in Minnasota Liverpool's. But he has a job in the UK right now he is in Nigeria he had went there durning the time we were chatting he is on Facebook and yahoo. He says on his way back here to states to visit with me and on the way to airport heis cab had a accident. He was put in the hospital and they wouldn't let him leave until 700 was paid. I have sent about 2500.00 before I told him no more. Then his daughter died in Canada then he is going to loosevhis contract on and on. Now that I wouldn't pay hospital he took poison and the hospital feel sorry and let him leave with a promise to pay when he get home. He to get airport now his plane ticket exspire he needs 350 to restore ticket. I said no now he wants a iPhone I still say no. So now he say he is stranded there for life. And I say OK. Look out for Ruben Jarvis , Albert Mike Joe Dickson and Dr. Hope. They want money sent money gram western union or bank transfer. Send to promise ibeh/ Harcourt Nigeria question in god /answer we trust. Be aware
  • I also recieved an email from David Knight. I am a ukrainian citizen,a nigerian national. I was a friend of the so called David Knight,who's real name is Chukwu Chinedu Franklin,not knowing that he was a scammer untill we had a court case which is still going on in Lugansk,Ukraine. He has a flatmate named Tijani Alfred Olusola and another scammer who owns a green land rover discovery and a black mazda cx-7 at thesame time,Orodo Olajide Yekini. They go by the name"Jackie Miller",They use this name to pick up money from banks and western union money transfer. Please,victims of scam from these idiots should reach me on this number; +380638184080. I also have their photos,home addresses in nigeria. David Knight will be graduating next year from the East Ukrainian University Lugansk,Ukraine.
  • So Rajahrufus, if you have all this information on these scammers and if they are living in the Ukraine why have you not informed the Ukrainian police?
  • Alethia,the local police is aware of these scammers. They cannot do anything if they do not see proof. For example,copies of money transactions between the victims and the scammers. They must have evidence before making arrests. These boys use very expensive cars which their parents can't afford. They cannot show proof themselves on how they got their money,but still,the police needs proof from the victims.
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    For the past month I have been talking to this man "Daniel Morrison" from Annville, KY who was in business for himself as a realtor, he was a widower for 6 years and from Germany, ok.   He was so nice and his picture was very handsome, too good to be true and I told him that!   This is the thing, this guy played it so good, said he was a Christian and all the perfect things to say, I would ask questions and he would be very evasive, it was nice to talk to someone that was kind and had the same beliefs as me.  Well this past weekend he had a business to trip to South Africa to sell property to a pilot and on Monday I get a call from a Ghana phone number, which I didn't answer at first I was like what that is western Africa!  I had blocked the number after he called 4 more times and looked at my phone later in the evening and he had called 15 times.  On Tuesday morning I decided to answer and see what story he had for me, well he plugged in his laptop and fried it and he needed me to send him a laptop, he was very pushy about it, I told him, how dare he ask me for a laptop not knowing my financial situation and no business man would go out of the country without a backup plan.  Well last evening he fessed up "not sure how much was true" he said that he had never been to the US, was from Ghana, has no job, was a student and needed a laptop?? his name was Issac.  I gave nothing to this man except for a little trust and kindness.  I am very glad that I was not scammed out of money, how do these men get phone numbers from the US?  Oh and he wanted to be my friend so he could help me in the future with other people that might do this to me!!!  I deleted all information I had on him and contacted the dating site that he was a scammer.
  • rizzagirl, this is their business. they can tell you 100, even 1000 different versions of this story because that's what they do. They're part of a huge scammer ring deployed all over the world. they'll confuse you by giving phone numbers with different country codes and contact persons from all over to send your money to. but in the end, they all just surrender whatever they earn from scamming to what?? to buy guns and finance the ongoing terrorism in their country. don't be a contributor to their scheme.
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