Visa and criminal conviction

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I am looking at doing two cruises next year and the countries visited would be England, France, Scoland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Russia and Finland.
I was convicted of the crime of "Stealing as a Servant" in 2005 and sentenced to 16 months imprisonment of which I served 8 months. I am 63 years of age and had no previous criminal history and have had no further criminal history since this one.
I have a New Zealand and Australian (citizenship of Australia granted since the conviction)passport.
Do you know if gaining entry to any of these countries while on a cruise would be a problem?
If it would be a problem with any of these is it ok to just stay on the ship while it is in Port?
The ship is not in Port in any of these countries for any more than 24 hous.
While I am on the subject do you know if there is any likelihood of being granted a visa if I did a cruise from Australia to Hawaii?
Hope you can help as I can not really find any info on the Internet when it comes to cruising and criminal records. I don't want to book the cruise then find I cannot go .


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