Bringing dry goods into South Africa



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    Can I take chocolate into South Africa ?
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    Liz: You can definitely bring chocolate into South Africa!

    Gaura Hari: You may run into problems at customs with such a large quantity of powder, as drug smuggling is taken seriously here. If you absolutely must bring your supplements, try to bring new, sealed containers and perhaps a doctor's note explaining what they are.
  • ok why may you purchase cheese at the duty free in Netherlands and they take it at OR thambo???? this is theft to me.  they say you need a permit where do you apply for this??

  • To the person wanting to bring cactus seeds... don't! Introducing alien species into another country is a serious problem, and has the potential to disrupt the ecosystem! If the seeds are found in your luggage, they will be confiscated and you will be fined.
  • wow , nice idea
  • im going to south Africa on 22 of sep. can i bring peanut butter or nutela to south africa ???????
  • Why would you bring them when you can buy them in South Africa.
  • Alethia is right... they're available in every supermarket.
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