Intercape bus service traps clients with religious cult on-board films



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    Big up to intercape..For spreading the gospel of Jesus christ the son of God .The God who created even those idiots who do not want to hear God z word. Its simple , U do not like the movies put on your earphones or earplugs . vee
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    I always use intercape for my travel and THANK U SOOO MUCH for spreading the Gospel.when you book your ticket online they do tell you that they only play Christian movies so i suggest that people do research before booking any bus to find out more about the company. i personally wont complain if i use a Muslim bus and they are playing their Muslim i suggest the others do the same or find a bus that will play something they also relate to.
  • Today science has explained so much of the word we live in its time to leave our superstions behind and evolve as a species. There is no gods, no heaven or hell, devils or demons. Just you and me on this beautiful planet, So why dont we take care of it and each other until we eventualy die. If you dont your life will truely have no meaning. If you still want to believe your Christian blind faith so be it, but dont force it on somebody else.
  • I was just about to buy a ticket online and I came across note: christian material used on board so i had to google this and i came across this complaint. I think this is so unfair forcing people to convert and telling them they are going to hell? they should respect other religion and play movies or nothing at all. Being laughed at for not wanting to convert? I hope this is not still going on.
  • Dear Promethean, we as Christians can only say "your disbelief does NOT change the truth" You were quick to comment of freedom to express religious beliefs, well guess what, that is exactly what Intercape was doing. I will continue to support a company who stand for something and doesn't fall for everything! Welldone Intercape, you will be blessed.
  • Sam0 its a Christian organisation so if it upsets you, you have other services to chose from and Christianity is not a Religion, its a Spiritual choice.
  • I would love to be there when all these nay sayers are indeed faced with the Creator of heaven and earth someday, when they actually stand infront of him, using excuses like "Professor Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion; The Selfish Gene; The Magic of Reality; The Blind Watchmaker; The Greatest Show on Earth). Christopher Hitchens (God is Not Great - Religion Poisons Everything; Missionary Position). Dr Richard Carrier (Sense and Goodness without god). Professor Thomas Thompson (The Messiah Myth; Is this the Carpenters Son; The Historicity of Patriarchal Narrative). Sam Harris - Neuroscientists (The End of Faith; The Moral Landscape; Letter to a Christian Nation). Marilyn vos Savant (Worlds Highest IQ: see interview with Harold Channer) and dozens more. I wanna be in the front row to hear what they will say, how they will beg and blame others for their niaivity. Its gonna be a splendid day! Fact is Science cannot explain where the earth comes from and you all need to know "evidence has been found to confirm, the Bible, the Ark, the 10 commandments, Jesus himself and many other biblical facts.
  • Wow, these are a lot of strong opinions - in both directions - about Intercape's choice of Christian programming. I came here in search of information on luggage weight allowances, but feel I must comment on this topic. While it's rather high-handed of them to force the management's beliefs on the general public, I respect Intercape's right to play whatever movies they choose during bus journeys. I, personally, will be listening to Richard Dawkins on my iPad, but more power to Intercape for spreading the gospel to the heathen masses. They are doing what they honestly believe is best for society, and they make no secret of this practice (these days; maybe not when this thread was started), so anyone who goes ahead and buys a ticket should be prepared to deal with the Christian propaganda.

    It should be noted that Intercape's endeavor to "save" the sinful masses is largely pointless. An individual is unlikely to change his/her belief system because they hear a differing message during a bus ride (even a 28 hour one!). In my case, if I can come through 8 years of Christian school, followed by 2 years of Christian boarding academy + Christian summer camp, Christian youth group, Vacation Bible School, and several years as a missionary and STILL think the Bible makes absolutely no logical sense, I doubt anything Intercape throws at me will be able to change my mind. But if the passenger sitting next to me listens to the message, embraces Christianity, and lives the rest of his/her life with a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and a love for their fellow human beings (not to mention the security of knowing that they aren't headed to Hell), then I am nothing but happy for that person. Before I learned to think for myself and decided that god does not exist, practicing Christianity brought joy and peace to my heart. I wish everyone could experience the serenity I enjoyed as a child with blind faith ... just don't allow Jesus's love to develop into hatred for those who don't share your spiritual beliefs.    
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