Best time to visit Japan?

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Hi all,
I've just found out that September is typhoon season in Japan. Does that mean it is necessarily a bad time to travel there? When is the best time to visit the country? Thanks!


  • September is indeed typhoon season, although autumn is generally considered a good season for travel to Japan because the weather is pleasant and mild and the foliage turns magnificent colours! I would say maybe put your trip off a few weeks and go in late October, which is the best time to hit many parts of Japan. The typhoon season is at its peak in September, although some storms may still hit in October. It doesn't necessarily rule out travel, but it is best to watch the weather forecasts and look out for storm warnings. Where are you going in Japan? Obviously the different cities and islands are affected differently by the typhoon season. Apart from late-autumn (October and November) the best time to visit Japan is in spring, particularly late March and early April, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom and the country is at its most beautiful. If you let me know where you are going I will try to be more specific.
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    Visiting Japan can be enjoyable at any time of the year. Japan has several different climate zones. May end, September to Mid-October, End of March and Begin of April, etc. These all are good time to visit in Japan.

  • I think Spring season is the best to go to Japan because climate activities are also normal in Japan,The weather is very charming in Japan.I like this place.I visited Japan in 2012.I traveled with a tour company and we have great fun out there on this journey .We stayed in Tokyo and saw its attraction for a weak.We also visited Japan in spring season.We had a great enjoy.

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