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I need someone to explain to me

edited June 2013 in Africa
I'm a nigerian and I've never been to any country in my life and I don't know about any document that can enable me travel to another country. I've heard about Visas and passport but don't know what they really mean and what they consist of, can someone explain to me what these is?


  • Hi Neo,
    To travel overseas you will need a passport. Passports are issued by your own country (another form of identity document) so you will need to visit your local Home Affairs Office to apply for one. I'm not sure exactly what the procedure is in Nigeria but getting a passport usually entails a small fee. Some countries will also require a visa to permit you to enter their territory and this visa is applied for at the embassy in your country (e.g. if you want to travel to America you would need to visit the American Embassy closest to you to apply for a visa). Essentially you are asking for permission to enter another country and the visa is proof that the permission has been granted. There are a number of different kinds of visas depending on why you want to travel and for how long. Visas will be put into your passport and checked by officials when you cross borders. Does that help?
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