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What do you think of my Italian honeymoon trip plan?

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Hi everyone,

I'm planning my 24 day honeymoon in Italy this July :-)  and I'd really appreciate some feedback

My fiance and I are into Beaches, food and small towns but we also want to visit Rome, Venice and Florence. We are considering renting a car-should we? And most importantly, what do you think of this itinerary I put together:

1. Rome - 5 days
2. Siena - 4 days (trips to San Gimignano, Moteriggioni)
3. Florence - 4 days (trip to Lucca and Pisa)
4. Levanto - 3 days (trips around the riviera, including Cinque Terre)
5. Mantua - 2 days (trip to Verona)
6. Venice - 3 days
7. Bellagio - 3 days.  Depart from Milan airport

Thank you so much! 


  • Your itinerary sounds really great Ashley! I'm jealous. You have plenty of time which is nice. Just one piece of advice: driving in the Italian cities is a nightmare and best avoided. Having a rented car will be great for getting around the countryside but it will be an annoyance in the cities (probably best to just park it for the duration of your stay in each city and use public transport). The Italians are scary drivers and the traffic is often really heavy. If you are an experienced driver who will stay calm and unflustered then of course it is possible to drive a rented car wherever you like, but self-driving may stress you out otherwise. Most of the places you are going are famous and well-serviced with public transport, but I can understand that you may not want to join tour groups for your excursions.
  • Hi

    I am an Italian travel group leader, I use to plan trips for students all around Europe, I live in Italy and YES it sounds really good! :)
    I suggest you to think about southern Italy too ! maybe, if you have time, you should visit Puglia and Basilicata or Sicily.
    Definitly you should rent a car to visit little villages around the big cities, they are the best place to find very good food a nd  super romantic places ! there will be a lot of fairs during summer (fairs that we call SAGRA) where you can drink good wine or beer and eat things that I m sure you will never find anywhere else...very good stuff!!

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    24 days for italy is perfect time frame and your itinerary looks great except that fact you did not include Sicily. For some reason i have some special Feel for Sicily, if you are in italy its a must visit. Hiring self drive car can be better option that taxi as taxis over charge and sometimes be ready to be scammed, I traveled a lot in italy with self driven cars, its can be hectic some times at busy times in city or it will be real fun driving along highways. i always used but it can get quite expensive at times. as an alternative you try this websites like they have some cool last minute deals. make sure you use italian websites than english for better prices, search google for  car rental is called "noleggio auto" in italian.

    i wish you all the luck 

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    Best months to visit Italy are from April to June and late September to October as temperature is mild and cities are less crowded. So its better to go with the car rental option as you can reach to your destination pretty comfortably and quickly. Also it will allows you to not to bounded with the time-schedule of public transport and can spend  more time with your girl.  

  • Rent a car and travel around the country is the best option as I think. We always rent a car on cars-scanner and I advice you to do the same.
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