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passport expires in November

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Hi we are travelling to Kos in July and after checking our passports, I found my daughters expires in November '13... will I have to renew this, or will she be able to travel with it? Thanks for any advice.


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    Have a look at this list from Thomas Cook/ Cooperative Travel it gives all the latest passport requirements for British citizens. It seems Greece requires a minimum validiity of 6 months on a British passport
  • Hi there,
    The sources I have checked haven't included the six month passport validity in their requirements for Greece (passports must just be valid upon entering the country), but it is always better to have that six months just for peace of mind. I'm not sure where you are from but here is a list of basic visa and passport requirements for Greece, including Kos. My advice would be to renew the passport - it may not be a strict requirement but it is always safer. You will need to renew it sometime soon anyway and there is still time before you leave.
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