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separate visa for scotland

I am going on student visitor visa to London for 3 weeks. I have obtained visa for London. Is there a need for a separate visa to visit Scotland on weekends.


  • Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, as is England. Your visa is valid for both.
  • Scotland is part of UK.. we travelled to Scotland with UK Visa last year.. its absolutely fine..  
    Have fun, enjoy Edinburgh & Scotch :)
  • Need help. I am holding a Philippine Passport and currently
    working in Singapore
    in an insurance company. I am also a Registered Nurse in the Philippines
    but only have volunteer experience. I would like to seek advice on how to go to
    Scotland. My
    mother is working there as a Nurse and now a British Citizen. Appreciate if
    someone can help us or advice us on how we can process my papers to be with my

  • edited June 2014
    You are not qualified or experienced enough to work as a nurse in the UK. Only certain specialist nursing posts are on the government shortage list.

    UK immigration is one of the strictest in the world and as an adult you have no right in UK law to join your mother in the UK or to work in the UK. If you were under 18 when your mother was granted her work permit before becoming a British citizen she should have applied for you to join her as a dependent child, its too late now.
    I suggest if you want to see your mother you apply for a family visit visa.
  • Hi,
    My husband and I are Indian nationals. We're traveling to the UK on a general 6-month visa. We'd like to visit some other countries in the region under the same visa. Is Ireland covered? Which are the other countries covered in UK visa for Indian citizens?
  • You can visit, England, Scotland ,Wales , Northern Ireland, Isle of Man , Jersey and Guernsey.
    India is not on the Republic of Southern Ireland's ( Eire ) visa waiver programme so you would
    require a seperate visa to visit.

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