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October Trip to Thailand

edited June 2013 in - Thailand

I am taking my 11 (12 in July) son to Thailand/Japan in October for a 2 week get away. Does anyone have any ideals on what to do with a witty unimpressed adolescent in Bangkok? I'm taking him to Disney Land Japan and to buy Mangas in Tokyo so that part of the trip is covered. I've reviewed the amusement parks in Thailand on trip advisor and they seem rather worn down (unsafe?).  Seven days in Thailand with a bored pre-teen sounds like torture, any assistance is greatly appreciated.





  • There are a few fun attractions in Bangkok that I'm sure your son will love... the Lopburi Monkey Temple is a different experience from most sombre temples, as the place is totally overrun with cheeky primates that visitors can feed and interact with. Another interesting temple is the Tiger Temple, which has (you guessed it) tigers cared for by the monks.

    If your son is into WWE or MMA or any sort of fighting, you might also think about taking him to see the Muay Thai fights in Bangkok. These are a fascinating blend of sport and culture that you both might enjoy.

    Here's a good travel guide to Bangkok for some other ideas of what to do and where to go. Hope that helps!
  • Anya Thank you so much! As I read you reply out loud he got more and more interested. That is exactly what I needed. Culture for me and animals close up for him, everyone wins.


    You Rock!


  • Wonderful! Let us know if you have any other questions!
  • is thailand safe? are there any snatchers & are the thailander nice?
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