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Germany Schengen Visa Query

Hi .

I m Arun, Indian nationality and holding valid Indian passport which expires 2017 . Currently working in London with UK work permit visa which expires on Nov 07 2013. My issue here is I have booked a European trip from Aug 05 to Aug 14 2013 which need schengen visa from Germany. My friends saying that I may not get visa because I don't have 90 days period of UK permit from the return date of the tour. Is it mandatory to have 90 days uk visa time from my return date of the tour ?

Can someone please help me here .. Am I eligible to apply visa from Aug 5 to 14 if my UK visa expires on Nov 7 2013 ? In case if I apply , will I get visa until Aug 14 2013 ?

Many thanks .. I appreciate your valuable help ..



  • Your visa status in the UK shouldn't affect your eligibility. You'll need to apply for a Schengen visa at the German embassy, but as your passport is valid for several years it shouldn't be too hard to obtain one.
  • I agree with Anya K, There is no such rule that you must have 90 days on a British visa to apply for a Schengen Visa
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