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Passport Validity for UK Travel

edited June 2013 in - Britain and Ireland
First of all Thanks for this wonderful and resourceful forum. 

I have a doubt, here it goes: I have to travel to London from 27-Jul-2013 to 17-Aug-2013 and I have valid UK Visa till Mar-2015. But, I have Indian Passport expiring on 24-Nov-2013 (less than 6 months from date of arrival but still valid for my entire travel period). After several Google searches & forum visits I am all the more confused and nervous as some says for UK you need Passport which is valid for travel period and not 6 months from arrival while some sources says you need passport which is valid for 6 months from arrival / departure. Somebody please guide me. Does anyone have first hand experience of this situation? 

Many Thanks 
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  • Popsup you do need six months validity to enter the UK. I suggest you obtain a new Indian passport and pin your cancelled passport to your new one. You will have a valid passport and a valid visa.
  • Hi Alethia, 
    Do you have any such experience? 

    I have done extensive research & got confirmations that for UK I would need passport which is valid during my travel period:
    2) UK Border Agency Website states that: 
    You are not legally required to have 6 months validity on your passport at the time you apply for your visa. But your passport must be valid at the time you apply and at the time you arrive in the UK;
    3) I got confirmation from Airlines with whom I am travelling that for UK I would need passport which is valid for period of my intended stay.
    4) I called up UK Border Agency and got confirmation on call as well. 

    So, unless you have experience otherwise, I think it should be fine.

  • Hi Popsup,
    You should be fine so long as your passport and visa are valid for the duration of your stay. However, the reason so many travel sites and resources will advise you to always travel with at least six months validity on your passport is because it is just best not to give border staff any excuse to give you trouble. Often staff on the ground will apply restrictions that aren't listed officially. The UK shouldn't be a problem as it is a huge tourist destination and you have the proof from their official site saying you don't need those six months.
  • Hi Popsup

    As a matter of fact I have more than 20 years experience dealing with UKBA but you must do what you think is best.
  • Thanks Alethia
    Thanks Ella

  • Hey popsup
    Were u able to travel without any difficulty
    Pls reply as i am also in a same kinda situation
  • Hi Karanparashar, 
    yes, as long as your passport and visa is valid for entire duration of stay it is fine. I traveled without any problem. 

    Hope that helps. 
  • Hi pops, in a similar situation, the airliner is Air India. Can they create trouble at boarding? Did indian immigration not ask anything? Which airport were you flying in from?
  • The UK only requires that your Passport be valid for the duration of your stay:

    That said, travelling internationally on a Passport with less than 6 months validity is never a good idea. Who knows what kind of idiot Check-In Agent you might have to deal with who knows nothing about the rules...

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