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Travelling to Italy

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I am travelling to Italy with my husband and another two couples, mid July 2012 for 7 days, staying in Rome IQ Hotel for our stay, but like to take trips to Venice and south of Italy say Naples, Capri and Amalfi coast, as well as seeing Rome. How do you suggest we do these trips, at the end of the day we go back to Rome as our hotel is booked for the 7 days, We will be doing sicily later on from Malta as this will be our next destination.

Thank you for your help, I look forward for your reply.


Tyrone & Denise


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    Hi Tyrone! I'm happy you will come to visit our beautiful country but I'm afraid you're very ambitious and maybay a bit unrealistic.
    Let me help you to understand giving you a better idea:
    - Rome deserves surely a minimum of 2 full days, visiting only the Vatican Museum and the Colosseum for example, two following mornings dedicating yourself to nice walks you could do to discover the historic center on foot: Trevi Foutain, Pantheon, Spanish steps, Piazza Navona in one of the 2 afternoon and whatever else the second day like Capitolin Museum and the square, the Catacombs etc... A short break to eat well is even a good idea. Walking in Rome is a real pleasure, you could find it too short not having a third day to enjoy.
    - For the Amalfi coast situated 3 hours (min.) drive from Rome, you need at least half day but even here 2 days would be nicer to breathe the unique atmosphere of Amalfi, Positano or Ravello to tell only three of the very nice places to visit.
    - Naples is large, if you intend to visit its nice monuments, squares and museums but you could for instance go and have an eccellent Margherita pizza on your way back to Rome and that's it.
    - As for Capri, choose to go in the morning and stay all day there otherwise you would only be frustrated, Capri is so attractive and beautiful with its Blue Grotto, its Anacapri, its romantic restaurants by the sea that you can reach sometimes only by boat etc...
    - For all I explain, if you can drive, go by car to Sorrento for Naples, Amalfi coast and Capri. You save time and you don't run following a group. The ideal would be to be guided by choose to do the things as you like best.
    - If I were you basically I wouldn't go to Venice this time and would do the things with calm unless you forget Amalfi or Capri or Part of Rome because only going to Venice and come back would mean too much time and you can not afford from Rome at all. Consider that arriving in Venice there is a wonderland awaiting there, it's so unique and nice everywhere and you surely will not want to stay only a few hours.
    I hope I could help you a bit to figure all out better but if you need to know more please contact me! You're always welcome.
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    Italy sound really interesting i want to travel there and enjoy the places there
  • I think that for a trip like that you need at least 10/15 days..more or less :)
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    I agree with Franc if you are planning to visit all these places in just 7 days it would be like just wasting all your time in traveling and not enjoying anything. So for this time plan your trip to Italy accordingly so u can enjoy the trip well.
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