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Do I need a Visa to work in Aruba for 3 months?

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Im from Ireland and I want to work in Aruba for Summer 2011 but I dont know where to get a visa or if I need one. I know I can stay for a period of 30 days on a valid passport but I dont know if I can work there..??

If anyone has any advice please share..

thanks :)


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    Hi I travel to Aruba alot and am also Irish. Dutch, Irish and i think Canadians can stay for a maximum of 180 days. If you are stopped at imegration it is usually because they dont know the laws for Irish citizens so say you can stay for 180 days as last time they made a mistake with mine and only said 30 when they said to the rest of my family 180 so i had to go through the painfull process of extending it. Getting a work permit can take a very long time, years in some cases so getting a work permit is very hard as the place you want to work for has to prove there are no qualified arubans for that job.. A few people do work without permits yes but many companies, bars.. wont let you as they get a heavy fine if you caught and you are also put in jail untill you pay for your own plane ticket home. If you are going to work try find a friend who lives or works there that can find you a job such as a cleaner or erran boy.. They are very strict with people working illegally
  • It is illegal to work there without a work permit. You need to find someone who can sponsor you. Without work permit you will not get any work as no one wants to create problem for themselves.
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