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Northern lights - Iceland / Norway / Alaska?

edited June 2013 in Europe
Hi everyone.  I´ve always wanted to see the Northern lights and am going to make that dream come true this winter.  I´ve been looking at some sites online but haven´t really decided yet where is the best place to go?  Any advice?  Where would I maximize my chances of seeing the Northern lights?  


  • Also, recommendations for accommodation are appreciated!
  • Hi MaryJ,

    I've never been to Iceland, but the more I hear about it the more I want to go! You might want to check out this post, it has some great tips on seeing the northern lights in Iceland. You'll also find some great trip ideas in this Iceland travel guide.
  • I was in Iceland earlier this year and got to see the Northern lights.  I spent 10 days there, 5 in Reykjavík and 5 out in the country (hotel Ranga and ION), both lovely places and easily recommended.  I would suggest you plan your NL tour as a normal tour - meaning, travel, see the places you want to visit etc and it´s a bonus if you see the NL, as there is no guarantee you´ll see them.  I found this link to be helpful during my stay  It keeps you updated on the NL forecast and you can travel to the places where the skies will be clear to increase your chances of seeing the beautifuil aurora :)  Hope this helps!
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