Passport expiry - do I need to renew my passport?



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    My pass port run out 10th march 2013 and I'm going on holidays in June the 6th . Will my knew passport come on time?
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    Gill: it's hard to say without knowing what country you're from, but most countries can renew a passport in a couple of weeks' time.
  • my passport does not expire until october next year, however i turn 18 on July 11th this year. Do I still need to renew my passport as I am turning 18 even though it is still valid? 
  • Sophie: No, your passport remains valid until the expiry date. I got my first passport at 15 and continued to use it until 25 without hassle.
  • ../i:)) Hello .... I would appreciate any input/help anyone can give me. My (spanish) passport expires on
    1/07/2014. I understand it to be July 1, 2014.

    My question is....can I renew my passport earlier than 6 months say in October? My husband and I
    plan on travelling to Belgium in December. Also since I'm taking time off from work in december,I
    won't be having any vacation time till June. Which is why I'm planning to get it done before we leave.

    Thank You,
  • Hi im travelling to spain on the 30th august this year but my passport doesnt expire till november but im 19 and still got a childs passport would I have to renew it before I go away???
  • You were a child when your present passport was issued but you are now an adult. Also and more importantly you do not have six months validity on your child's passport to enter Spain. So you now need to apply for an adult passport
  • I am planning a trip to Dominican Republic in Feb 2015 and my  US passport expires in July 2015, Do I need to renew it before, or will it be excepted round trip?
  • If you are entering the Dominican Republic as a tourist your passport must be valid up to at least the date of your departure from the Dominican Republic.However if you are travelling for other purposes your passport must be valid for six months.

    All tourists must apply for a tourist card that is valid for 30 days but can be extended. 
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  • As i know You must need to renew your own passport in proper time. The expire passport is nearly equal to a invalid passport. So, you need to renew your passport as soon as possible.
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  • By the international rules your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from your return flight date when traveling abroad. Expired passport is not a valid travel document.
  • Yourvisapro, as usual you are posting nonsense.

    There is no "international rule" regarding passport validity, every individual country sets its own rules. Many do require 6 months validity, many others do not.

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    Yourvisapro, your information regarding passport validity is incorrect. You cannot generalise regarding 6 months validity of a passport

    The validity of passports varies from country to country and is also dependent upon what citizenship you hold.
  • Great minds indeed, haha.

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