Rock art in Namibia

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Apparently Namibia has some epic ancient rock art. I would welcome any advice on where to find the best examples in the country? Ideally, sites which have not been too commercialised, and we enjoy hiking! I am considering doing a sort of rock art pilgrimage around Namibia... if it is viable.


  • I know of two wonderful Namibian destinations for rock art. The Brandberg massif (mountain) is famous for its rock paintings and also a great area for hiking - you can even tackle the highest peak in Namibia, Konigstein, on a multi-day hike. The other famous site is Twyfelfontein, which boasts the highest concentration of ancient rock art in the country and is UNESCO-listed. I imagine there is also good hiking in that region. Namibia is just bursting with awesome hikes! Check out this Namibian Travel Guide for some inspiration.

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