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Schengen visa advise

edited June 2013 in - General Europe
I need help. Today we got the schengen visa for Spain and to our surprise, we got "single entry" visa instead of multiple we requested. We are planning to arrive in Spain then a couple of days later take cruise in Mediterranean. This cruise will pass thru several European countries but in the middle of the route we will stop in a Turkish port for daytime stop . Will this be a problem for us. We are really worried. I tried to check thru the cruise line and thru the consulate and both said it shouldn't be a problem since we will be considered transiting thru turkey but they did not give written solid information. We are worried as our whole holiday could be ruined if this is not the case.

Can you advise me please on this situation and how to be certain


  • I can see why you are concerned, but the only thing you can really do is check with the embassy - try to get them to give you advice in writing and take a printed version with you on your trip. Even if you do this, however, there is no guarantee it will hold up with border staff. You may have no problem at all. It is reassuring that the cruise line has said it will be okay, as they deal with these sorts of things all the time. 
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