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advice needed on irish girl will maried in algeria

my irish fiancee and I applied in march for papers to be married. Can anyone tell us how long we would be waiting, and also what is the procedure that the algerian authorities follow in requesting information from Irish authorities?


  • Hi bilalnkt

    Is your fiancee from Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland? These are two different countries with different immigration rules.

    I can tell you this, the only paper you need to apply for is a Certificate of Non Impediment (northern Ireland) or a Certificats de Coutume (Southern Ireland)  Theses documents show you are both free to marry . Your fiance applies for this document, it is not complicated and takes approximately three weeks to process and is collected by your fiancee or even posted to her whichever is most convenient.

    There is no communication whatsoever between the Irish and Algerian Authorities. In fact if your fiancee applied for either of these documents in March she would have had the necessary document weeks ago.

    There is no fiancee visa for  Southern you would need to marry in Algeria.

    You need to ask your Irish fiancee a few questions, such as what she has actually applied for.
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