How safe is Kuwait?



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    hello everyone....
    I had recently done my engineering in electronics and communications, i am offered a job from kuwait company, can anybody please tell me, what is the good salary expectation for me??? basically i am from indian background and i am also in confusion about the lifestyle, food and the other expenses in kuwait and the security reasons in the country.

    please do help me....

    thank you...:)
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    Hi need some advice I meet a guy from Kuwait a few months ago and he wants me to visit him in Kuwait I will be staging in a hotel and he will stay with me. What I want to know is will I be breaking any laws if we stay together and is it safe for me to travel to Kuwait alone.

    Thank you
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    Hello everyone, I have been offered a job in Kuwait as a software engineer and the salary will be 600 KD per month. I have 1 year experience as a software developer. I am confused that whether should I join this company or stay in India. Please suggest me. Currently I am earning 45000/- INR per month.

    Thank you
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    hello everyone
    i just read this post while surfing the web and there are so many questions and i skipped most of them and read the last two ...
    im a kuwaiti guy my name is Mohammed and i live in kuwait ... i will try to answer your questions as a kuwaiti guy ...

    Ozzie :- your not breaking any laws at all ... sure its safe ... dont worry ... just find anyone who has been living in kuwait and they will asure you there is nothing to be afraid of at all ...

    puneet :- here's the thing ... if your into fancy stuff and your the type of guy who just live a normal life without paying for stuff you dont need then its a good salary ... i suggest you to visit kuwait atleast for a week to learn about kuwaiti life style and then you decide for yourself ...

    people can answer so little questions but there are stuff you need to see for your self but people i assure you its really safe to be in kuwait no matter what nationality you are .. no matter what religion ... dont worry kuwait is really easy going you just need to know how to have fun ... and mostly by having a good friends in kuwait and if anyone ever been to kuwait they will assure you that its safe
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    Hello all, im interestd in yuor comments, i may have a job opportunity being offered to me in Kuwait, can anyne tell me how much a decent property is over there in the centre please, is it cheap to eat out and have fun, ive no concernc over the security i think my minds at ease now, but still interested to know what to do in an evening as my family will be back in the UK., cheers all.
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    A great site that allows you to compare the cost of living, crime rates and other statistics is According to Numbeo the cost of living is low in Kuwait compared to my medium sized American city.
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    i got casual work job opportunity in kuwait should i take it? iam really desperate ot leave my country and go elsewhere. please advice me
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    Hello friends,

    I want to know 250 kD in kuwait with accomodation is good or me out
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    I'm curious about this thing about being robbed at knife-point. I get that the rest of you are saying it is pretty safe, but do things like this happen? Is it dangerous for women to be out alone after a certain time?
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    I'm still not clear on the religious issue...are Jews allowed in Kuwait or not?
    I have been offered a job in Kuwait but, I am Jewish.
    Not religious, don't practice Judaism, I don't wear a star of David, and my name is not Jewish.
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    i have the opportunity to work in Kwt .I am planning to come with my familly.Does anybody know how is the situation with international schools ( primary ) - availability,quality and prices?
  • dear Jewish women It is perfectly safe here in kuwait for you but as long as you avoid wearing tank tops and are not a supporter of israel 
  • dear guest the american school of kuwait or bayan billingual school is a great plce, and there is also the american internation school

  • dear guest who has had an offer of 750 kd that is a good salary, about 2600 dollars, gas is cheap it only takes 30 dollars to fill your tank, food is cheap will only take about 300 dollars off your salary, cost of living is cheap, there is no tax, and the economy is very stable
  • Hello i am a 20 year old Kuwaiti female. i have studied in both a british private school and an american private school, so basically i have met a lot of foreigners with different nationalities and i know what they like and what they don't. and i am sure i can help you guys with anything that has to do with my country, the living, prices, etc. we are a small country so it is possible for a single Kuwaiti citizen to know almost everything and every place in Kuwait.

    feel free to email me for any information on:

  • I have a couple of relatives living in Kuwait, so far I haven't heard about anything terrible there e.g. terrorists etc. And Kuwait should be fairly tolerant towards Indian families, there are plenty of SE Asians living there already.

    And to those wondering about salaries and standards of living, there's a website called Numbeo which shows the average cost of living for countries all over the world.
  • Hello I am an American and have been to Kuwait twice this year for work.  I can't stress enough how safe it is.  I stayed at the Hotel Ibis Sharq both times.  Very nice hotel by the way.  I walked through the old market (souq) at night alone and never, ever had any problems.  I dressed like an American and it was pretty obvious I was not local. Like I said, not once was I ever even remotely afraid of anything. The malls are great.  The souq is great.  Everything there is wonderful and I can assure anyone that you will be safe.  Keep in mind I am a male.... females will be safe too- although I wouldn't wear a bikini or anything like that.  I honestly felt safer in Kuwait than in NYC.... by a long shot.  There is no alcohol there, which in my opinion is good.  There are no bars or clubs, and therefore no drunk people out at night.  There is simply no crime for the most part.  Travel safe and enjoy this wonderful country. 
  • hey Kuwait is  safe country. why u so worry ? 
  • Kuwait is very safe from my experience.worked in al zour and stayed in salmiya and fahaheel and both nice,clean safe places. Walked around at night with no issues,pestered by traders but no problem.kuwaiti people seem reserved,slightly shy people but freindly and polite enough.I just wore t shirt and shorts out & about.ramadam was hard as meal time strict and couldn't eat or drink in public but that's the law and has to be respected.respecr their culture and laws while there and u will be ok.shame can't get a beer easily tho as alcohol free beer tastes like sh#t.
  • Hi!! I understand kuwait is safe place. What about wearing dreadlocks and tattoo?
  • Am a Nigerian and would want to get a Kuwaiti residence visa to enable me settle and look for job there.And secondly am an accounting graduate and also have OSHA certificates,would it be easier for me to secure a job in kuwait?And how much would it cost me to get a residence work visa?
  • You cannot obtain a residency visa until you have been granted a work permit. Work permits are issued only on the basis of a genuine job offer and it is the Kuwaiti employer who applies and pays for the work permit and residency visa.
  • Kuwait is fine, no terrorist originizations get into there and that was
    the main US base that we deployed our Baghdad invasion from. that place
    is protected all the time. unless he gets deployed from there you have
    nothing to worry about.
  • how about for those people who will apply as a maid , ive heard a lot of bad things .. they do not give salary sometimes they wont let eat the maids that was horrible right .. now tell me how safe it is specially for those maids , try to work hard for their but then they experienced those types of harassment
  • How is life in Kuwait city for Indian expats.My husband has got an job offer with a very big pay package in Kuwait city.Its just that we are sceptical moving thinking about the safety and  life in general .I want to know how it is to work and live in Kuwait with a family.What is the life for a working woman out in Kuwait city?
  • I have been offered a job in Kuwait. Kindly let me know the following :

    1. Whats the amount i would spend on rent if i were to rent a i bedroom apartment( non - furished) ?
    2. Are expat women allowed to work ?
    3. Is 800 Dinar a good enough salary to lead a good life for 2 people ?
    4. How safe is the country for expatriates ?
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    Devakumarsd, what country are you from and what job have you been offered.
  • Jensendrake2 very romantic, you have obviously never lived and worked in the Gulf states.
  • So Jensen... Kuwait has gone from "just about crime free" to lots of crime and threat of terrorist attacks in two small posts? Haha...

    Thanks for the chuckle.

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