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Do they speak English in the Crimea?

edited April 2013 in - Eastern Europe
I'm planning to travel around there english-speaking population?


  • Ekaterina, of course a lot of people in Crimea can speak english

  • Ukrainian and Russian are the most widely spoken languages and despite the fact that it is a very popular tourist destination (lots of resorts) Crimea is yet to be fully 'discovered' by Western tourists. It was once a choice destination for Russian aristocrats and most tourists today are Russian or Eastern European. Some English is spoken at resorts and hotels though.
  • Yes you will find people at front desk speaking English.
  • I think that personnel in hotel must speak English as there are always a lot of foreigners in there. Concerning local population I am not much sure about their speaking English.
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    there are english speaker but limited and rare to find,but fortunately hotels are enriched with these guys

  • Many people use english in this place. Of course you use english.
  • I visited Yalta in 2012 and found it very hard to find someone to speak English outside of the Hotel, and even then, we had to communicate with a combination of my broken Russian and their broken English. It is not a very easy place to visit if you don't speak any Russian but well worth it as the Crimea is as beautiful as any mediterranean coast you might visit, minus the sandy beaches.
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