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Thailand Trip in August

edited July 2013 in - Thailand
Hello, i'm planning to go in August in Thailand.  i like to go somewhere very , particular, cheap and where i can even relax a bit. what do you suggest me? is it the right season?


  • Hi there,
    August is not the best time to visit Thailand, because it is during monsoon season (June to October) and there may be some flooding, particularly if you are visiting the north or northeast of the country. It isn't impossible to travel during the rainy season - it may be a bit cheaper which is a plus - but there are inconveniences. The best time to travel to Thailand is in the cool, dry season between November and February.
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    Best time to visit Thailand is between November and February. August is a a rainy season. If you don't want to go in peak season then you can try in March to May A little hot season or June to July pre monsoon season.  last time when I went to Thailand for my friends bachelor party. That was very nice and affordable trip. So better to avoid rainy season and try some other month.
  • Thanks Tonybrancato
  • Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are great places to visit if you don't like to spend much time in the city and i think in august this place has an extra ordinary entertainment for the visitor..
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