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    hi frnds ,,,i m being scammed as well...there is a girl who claimed be an australian but is in nigeria to buy some trade things ,she met me on ...she claims to have an accident and now in hopeday hospital ,lagos ...she needs 490 dollars to clear her hospitall bills and i m being asked for that ,,,she claims to like me and stay with me for rest of her life and marru me as soon as she gets to australia after paying the bill ,,,but i have come to know that i m being scammed because of this wesite ....beware of such people guys!!!
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    hi m sam ....the name of that "australian"girl is vanessa wilson and her email id id ,,,the contact number of the hospital she gave me is +234 805 964 9725 LAGOS ,NIGERIA
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    A man who contacted me on Fb now wants to marry me. Says he has applied for a marriage license in Nigeria and the moment he gets it he will marry me. I am a US citizen and have nothing for him to scam from me, he says he loves me.He assures me that he will take good care of me, as long as I can promise to be there for him through good and bad times. We are the exact same age (mature). His father Canadian was killed in a car accident but was supposedly a Chemical engineer, the Mother is Nigerian. He says he is a building contractor. The problem is a friend told me this is a scam and that there are many scammers that come out of Nigeria professing to have lost one or both parents, and are always an only child! I have nothing , honestly , nothing but my love, so what kind of scam is this? He frequently travels from US to Nigeria. Should I be concerned?
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    Your friend is correct, this is a common scenario for scammers (read many of the accounts in our scam threads for more history). Please be wary, there is a high likelihood that sometime in the near future somethine will 'go wrong' (ie. he'll get sick, have a business emergency, be robbed, get stuck at customs, etc) and he will ask you for money. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY.

    Keep in mind that as much as you may care about this person, you have never met him. Guard your heart and your wallet!
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    Thank you so much Anya! He has even gotten upset and asked me not to discuss our relationship with anyone else! He says he wants to surprise everyone with the marriage. I honestly have no money, no visa cards , no bank account, nothing to give him! I do not even own a car and I told him this, so I'm not sure where or how this will work for him in a scam. He has picked the wrong person in that case because I cannot help him!
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    Im going through a similar situation myself. I have met a man online who is from nigeria and lives in cyprus right now. we have been talking for about 6 months. I just booked my ticket to go visit him for about ten days. I told him that im fully aware that there is scammers out here and he was very insulted. He never asked me for money and he is looking for love. He has been living in cyprus for 4 years now after finishing school and he says that he is very lonely. Also, when we first met he told me that he was from cape town and then later confessed that he lied and he was really from nigeria and was afraid to tell anyone online that he is really from nigeria because of all the negetive things being said about nigerian people.... I trust him enough to go visit him but its still something in the back of my head that just dont know what im getting myself into..
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    Hi, it's too late, i already sent a money to my so called online boyfriend Richard Williams ( before i realized that it was a scam. Yes i know that was very stupid of me.
    He said he's from UK and having a project in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, which is a city in Africa. He will go to the US for a contract signing before going to Asia to meet me. He asked me for my address as he wants to send some of his clothes. He said he talked to a US diplomat to carry a box with some of his clothes and the diplomat will give it to me. The diplomat will fly on Monday and i will get the box on Wednesday. Then he told me he put some money inside the box and other valuables things he bought for me.
    By Wed, i got a call from the diplomat, using a Malaysian number +60 16 390 5802, he said he is being held in the immigration because of the box. He needs money for the tax and duties, so i sent him some money. He was not able to clear the box on that day. Then the next day, the immigration found the money inside the box and he needs to pay more, so i sent another money. Still, he was not able to clear the box, the papers should be signed by the boss but the boss left early. That night i realized that i was being fooled, i search in the internet and found similar cases.

    The account numbers are
    Maybank 16416497187 Ismalina Binti Ismail
    Maybank 164155569274 Wahida Binti Abdrazak

    The numbers they are using are
    +1 727 222 0122
    +44 7927 744916
    +60 11 1669 5271
    +60 16 390 5802
  • am really feeling real down now ,would have cried if I was still a kid.i am a Nigerian based in southafrica,i got a lady online she is from Australia,we hv been dating long time,i send her gifts once in every month,i hv neva asked her for money or complained,she wants me to come to Australia bt it wnt be dt easy as it could be for her to com here.i told her to com to southafrica so we could marry n she can go bak with the documents,i promised to pay her flight I am scared cus if she read all dis stories about Nigerian I will loose her.pls my fellow Nigerians les stop dis scams pls :'(
  • You sound like a good person. Maybe you can tell me.  If a US citizen is in S Africa, and wants to fly home to United States, do they have to have a PTA amount of 3000$ in the pocket before the can board a plane?   justme2
  • Justme2:

    No. This is 100% a scam. Absolute bollocks.
  • Hi anya. I'm brandon I met this girl online goes by the name of claire Nathan.we both been chating for awhile. .I sented her money a few times. .at first she was in Nigeria to try and collect her dead father's estate. .both of her parents died in a car accident susposely..I left her alone cause I found out the picture's she sented me at first were fake and they were pictures of a web cam model name karla spice. .me and her argue.. But she kept denying it. ..she says she is from California. .but she do live in Louisiana. .now she says she is not in Nigeria anymore her friend paid for her ticket to the Philippines. .so she contacted me .
    She has a us cell number she wants me to send her money for a good phone for me and her can video chat on tango. ..anya what should I do???
  • Brandon, you have already opened a thread on here regarding this scam. I am certain that Anya, who is one of the moderators is not going to give you a different answer. You just will not take our advice to stop all contact with this person.
  • Im trying too but she keeps fighting me back
  • Goodness me, are you a man or a mouse? Just stop all contact you know she is a scammer
  • @Alethia @lonelyeyez81you should have seen earlier here how ruthless these people are when you try to face them head on. better to get yourself out of this mess this early.
  • @lonelyeyez81

    read Anya's thread and open your eyes to the truth

  • @justme2: My Nigerian scammer gave the excuse they couldnt get on the plane because the airline was demanding B.T.A (which stands for Basic Travel Allowance) in the amount of $150. I was furious when i asked why they didnt get on the plane and they needed yet more money after I just spent $392 covering what they
    didnt have for their plane ticket. I never sent that $150 or any more after that.
  • Good for you, @DontScamMe. The BTA is a common scam, there's no such thing.
  • You have to check everything before ;)
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