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    Ok so all of this is freakin me out. I was planning on taking a trip to oaxaca, mexico but i dont know about that now. I had planned on visiting my husbands family and bringing them a few things from america. I am american but my husband is not nor is he a us citizen so therefor he cannot go with me. I was going to drive there but I see thats not such a good idea. Should I reconsider this whole trip?? I can't fly there because I will not have anyway to get around while I am there. Any advice???
  • This thread is so ridiculous. Crimes happen EVERYWHERE. Examples of crimes in Mexico don't mean it's unsafe. Bad things could happen in Florida, London, wherever.

    But, as ever, always best to speak of personal experience:

    I've been to Mexico four times. Hitch-hiked up and down Baja California several times, and across the mainland from Los Mochis to Texas via Zacatecas. Last time I went was 2009 and I hitched from near Cancun to Mexico City via Belize and Guatemala. That took about two months. I never had any problems and I was camping out, being alone in dark places at night. Mexico is CHILL. The people are awesome and I certainly feel safer there than in some parts of the UK. I even found Mexico City lovely and safe - had always planned to avoid it but fate took me there and while planning on staying only one or two nights I ended up staying two months thanks to awesome Mexican hospitality. Great place.

    Mostly I've been in Baja. That's incredibly awesome. Sure, they have soldiers who sometimes check your vehicles but I've never known a problem with it. Most foreigners are down there having a great time. Such a shame that fearmongers and scaredy cats - not to mention spreaders of urban legends - have to tarnish its good name. I love Mexico and I love its people. In over twelve months there, and many thousands of miles hitched, I've never had a single problem. The police have always been great. I'd very happily go back tomorrow and not think twice about "safety concerns." That's just my experience.
  • Pontef is quite right about crimes happening everywhere and travellers should take safety precautions in any city these days. It is important, however, to do some research into the kind of dangers you may risk before visiting a country so that you can plan accordingly. Mexico is an incredible travel destination, but there is no denying that it can be a dangerous one - particularly as a number of tourists have been the victims of violent crimes at popular beach resorts recently. Ideally, check the travel alerts and advice on reputable websites like the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the US Department of State. Safety threads like this can be alarmist, but when visiting a country which can be dangerous it is definitely best to know the realities.
  • No doubt that Mexico is safe but not all many uncertain issue is occurring in daily basis but I go many times in Mexico I did not face that type of problem..
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