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What are the things in Singapore?

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Hi everyone...I am new in singapore..I want to know more about about night shows ,animals etc...can you please help me..


  • Hi there,
    Check out the attractions, restaurants, nightlife etc in this Singapore Travel Guide - maybe it'll give you some ideas.
  • Hi Ella and Jenny  thaaaaaanks......I saw your links but  i want to know more about what kind of food i can eat....and hotels.and where can i get cheap places to see...
  • The food in Singapore is amazing... you can find nearly every international cuisine, plus local specialties like laksa (soup) and ice kachang (shaved ice with sweet red beans). My personal favourite is the Chinese food in the Orchard Road area! I'm not sure about hotels, but here's some more excellent info on what to eat in Singapore.
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    Singapore is beautiful tourist place millions of tourist visit here every year. There is so much to see and eat. You will get all kind of cuisines. My friend visited Singapore few months back. They told me that they booked a vacation package from and they have arranged a night safari for them and a visit to Bukit timah nature reserve. I wish i were with them as they told me that they had lots of fun while i Singapore. Next time I may have a chance to be there and enjoy.
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    Singapore at night is really worth to Visit. As there are
    a lot of things to do in Singapore which can only be done at night.  Here are all the best things to do in
    Singapore at night.

    Have Seafood

    Visit national museum


    Spot the next rock star

    Night Safari

    Sentosa fountain performance

    Go for bowling

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    You can go to sentosa park. Its best place in Singapore.

  • hiiii, I need some help. I am going to be in singapore with my 8 year old daughter for 10 much should I carry for food and the tap water and food court food absolutely safe. I am little tight on my budget so please help me.
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    The tap water is safe to drink in Singapore but you may not like the taste as it is treated with fluoride, bottled water is cheap.

    Food courts are in my opinion the best places to eat in Singapore, good food that is delicious and safe to eat.

    This site should give you an idea about the cost of living in Singapore
  • thank you so much Alethia..Million and million of thanks.. %%-
  • There are various attractions to visit, find as below:-
    • Tiger Sky Tower
    • Underwater World
    • Sentosa Merlion
    • Dolphin Lagoon
    • Fort Siloso
    • Sentosa Luge & Skyride
    • Songs of the Sea
  • If you are going for some days to Singapore then first of all extend your trip days because there are a lot of things to do and places to see.Nature lovers can immense from the Singapore because its really beautiful and an impressive place.There are many places as discussed above.But if you are a night lover then you can enjoy live music,fresh beer,and dance in the clubs and lounges.Night life is very aggressive for everyone in the Singapore.I like the bar named as Beer market and Beer stories are very good places to spend a night..I like Singapore from every point of view.
  • I think you mean Bar Stories Jerry, the bar where you can have any cocktail you want. The night life in Singapore is no more aggressive than London, Moscow, New York or any big city.

    The most famous icon in Singapore is the Raffles Hotel, that's where I drank my first Singapore Sling.
  • Hi there leeronert001, ill be heading to Singapore in a few days. If you would like some company give me an email and we can explore some sights.

  • You have asked for the best thing and that is: EAT.
  • Hey mohammad, Thanks for the useful information.
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