Packing list - what to pack when travelling abroad?



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    While I was travelling through Europe, I met a guy who was patenting a great invention for washing clothes while travelling: The Scrubba Wash Bag. I traveled with this guy for a few weeks and was lucky enough to be given a prototype of the Scrubba wash bag to trial. The bag weighs around 150g and you can effectively wash your clothes in minutes without having to worry about the availability or cleanliness of sinks. The inventor has just started taking presales at below RRP:

    Essentially, it is a sealable waterproof bag with a flexible internal washboard. You put your dirty clothes in the bag with a few litres of water and a few drops of washing liquid or shampoo. Seal the bag, expel the air through a valve then rub the clothes against the washboard from the outside of the bag for about 40 seconds. Rinse and you are done.

    I think the Scrubba wash bag is a must pack item for travelers, especially if you are heading to Europe where I found that washing machines even in hostels cost from 6-10 Euros per load. I also halved the weight of my backpack when I found I only needed a few changes of clothes as I could do washing when and where I wanted for free.
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    I am going to Asia for the first time. I read your things to pack and they are helpful. I would like to know will my Droid Razr work over there using my WiFi just for information off it and also what apps should i download before i go there. Oh i am going to Singapore,Thailand, Hong Kong, Beijing and Dubai. Thanks
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    Dear VegasWayne
    I don't know whether your Droid East will work on.some Asian countries as their internet I'd controlled very closely but you should download Google Maps, Trip Adviser if it has an app and.a few games to keep you entertained.
    I'm going to England, France and Germany ( on a roadtrip-thing) soon so has anyone got any idea what I should bring?
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    For those who are desperate for a breakfast fix, Vegemite is available in toothpaste-style tubes.
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    Another thing that can come in handy if you are traveling with more than one electrical item, is a small power board. It means you can charge all your things at once without having to have more than one adapter
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    Don't forget to check the power wattage for the country you are visiting. I forgot this when I was much younger, and was stuck unable to charge my camera, phone, etc.

    If you buy a converter, you can plug in that hair straightener you HAD to squeeze in your bag, the camera charger to take all those unforgettable pictures, etc.
  • I am satisfied with the very first comment of Simon.
    But i would like to add more :
    Although you have to check what you cannot take with you inside the airport.Somethings which seems important to you may be banned/not allowed to carry with you.So be careful with that.Beyond this you should take light luggage with only necessary things for your daily use.Reduce your luggage with unnceccessary items for sure.
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    When I stay at a hotel that has complimentary slippers, I take them with me to use when I travel long distance. As I like to remove my shoes on long flights, I pack the slippers in my carry-on bag to wear when I go to the bathroom on the plane. No need to worry about walking on disgusting bathroom floors in socks or barefoot, or struggling to get shoes back on. Also, as they are the slip-on style, they take up minimal room.
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    My travel must-haves include flip flops, great footwear around hostels and in less than spotless shower-rooms, they are also allow your feet some fresh air if they are a bit sore from a days sightseeing.
    Also, baby wipes - they are great for freshening up after flight or when there aren't showers available, are soothing on sunburned skill if there's no aftersun, a good alternative for makeup remover and can be used if there's no toilet roll available!
    I will also always take spare camera batteries - even if you can recharge at a hostel and won't use them ordinarily it sucks to be without power on your camera when it's needed
  • -At this point I never travel anywhere without my 7" tablet. It's a notebook, camera, book, movie theatre, laptop (especially with its keyboard dock), and many other things all in one!

    -I would suggest that if you're bringing a travel pillow, invest in an inflatable one. I had a normal one filled with beans that I loved, but took up 1/3 of my carry-on bag!

    -It's a good idea to have photocopies of your itinerary, reservation confirmations, tickets, and passport; but keep an electronic copy in your email or dropbox just in case! That way, in the worst case scenario you always have these documents!

    -For women, a pashmina is invaluable! Mine has secured my hair on windy boat trips, been a pillow on buses, acted as a shopping bag, kept me warm, covered my head at religious sites, and in a pinch has even been a makeshift top! A sarong can be just as handy.
  • I would make only one recommendation, and that's if a country you are traveling to requires a VISA.  Some countries provide VISA's at the port of entry, and costs much less than processing them in the US.  

    Most VISA's are time-limited, so make sure the type of VISA you apply for meets your needs.
  • Hi there!
    one thing that might add some weight but is needed in countries where there is a lot of power outage for long periods of time (like India and Pakistan):
    ->a heavy-duty flash-light! like CAT or something just as powerful (with spare batteries).. u'll find that the flash-lights in some places are horrible..
    ->also, Muslim countries usually dont stock toilet paper in public bathrooms.. so a toilet roll or a couple of extra tissues in ur carry-on would be helpful
    vice-versa, if u r Muslim, everywhere outside Muslim countries, there is no water access within the toilet, so a collapsible cup comes in handy, & fill it BEFORE u enter the stall! wet toilet paper just doesn't work..
    ->my own must-needed (though i mostly forget it) is gum/ breath freshener.. even if i so much as nep, i get horribly bad breath & there isnt always a bathroom/shop handy, so i just pop one in.. there's no worse confidence-buster than bad breath..
    ->my favourite thing to do while travelling is writing, though I do get motion sickness (for which i have meds at hand).. so i keep my notebook & pen handy
    ->lastly: a small bag/purse with many pockets.. i can be very disorganized & it takes me ages to find stuff in huge, one pocket bags, so now i've got a small bag with many smaller packets, in which i keep the important stuff & small personal items (visa, money, wallet, lip balm etc).. i sling it over my head&shoulder & keep it at the fron coz even though nothing bad has happened to me yet, i remain very paranoid..
    Have fun on you next trip!
    ps. i'm going to study in london for an year & i will be short on money & don't have family there.. any suggestions on how i can travel light without leaving behind important stuff.. also i adhd so i tend to overpack..
    i would also need to take my stuffed rabbit, without which i can't sleep for more than 2-3 days.. but it's kinda big, do u suggest i should keep it as an 'extra-item' for carry-on?
  • Not trying to be biased, but water purifiers! They come in all shapes and sizes - you can get water purifying bottles and straws that all do pretty much the same thing.

    Also if you're going to a hot place, you will most likely need anti-Malaria tablets. And don't forget to bring any medication you'll need, and if you DO take medication be aware of what types of medication you can take into your chosen destination and also the quantity allowed for medication.

  • Water purifiers can be handy if you're camping or roughing it in truly remote areas, but in most destinations they're fairly unnecessary, as bottled water if available in most places. 
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    Little but essentials! Here are few things which are
    important and must have when you pack your bag for abroad. Either go for travel
    agents, ask for holiday package and they will guide you about all the things to
    remember before you leave your home for foreign tour.

    Umbrella and Raingear

    Mosquito Repellant

    Bring Water Proof and Ultra Zoom cameras

    Sun block lotions

    Bring a Universal Adaptor

    Shorts and cotton shirts

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    hi don't forget lock for case that you can lock and use as a safe as we do.:)

    sun cream

    charger wires fone /camera /pads/

    passports /travel insurance/ carpark print off / EU cards E tickets

    driving licence if renting car



    swimming stuff

    sun glasses

    witch hazel for bites



  • for girls - always bring your most comfortable feminine products even if you think Mother Nature isnt supposed to visit you during your travels. :P
  • Hey

    These are some of the things I would suggest: 

    • Diarrhoea tablets (grim, I know, but it happens)
    • Clothes that are appropriate to the culture you are going to (If you are going to a Muslim country or a very conservative country for example, make sure you wear clothes that cover your shoulders, don't show cleavage, and are below knee length )
    • A hat/sunnies
    • Loose fit clothing
    • Malaria tablets/mosquito net/mosquito spray (for your body) 
    • Adaptor

    Hope that helps a bit. Obviously there are far more but that's a few :) 

  • ...Oh and HAND SANITISER!! 

    Soooo so useful !! 
  • Very useful Information. My suggestion in case somebody is traveling International first time and is nervous. They can watch Video series (total 6 short videos) at which provides step by step educational information on first International flight. I guess video are also available at I thought this will be helpful info.
  • Hi,
    I thought I'd share with you the Top 10 Things I Pack First Before Going Abroad.

    1.A book/magazine/or any other type of riveting reading material.
    2.A universal plug adapter
    4.Camera and related accessories
    6.Guidebooks/phrase books/maps
    7.Travel documents, and photocopies of travel documents
    8.Cell phone
    9.Small travel bag

    Hope this information is being helpful for you.

    Have a nice day!
  • hi, 
    I'm an Indian. And I'm planning to do my higher studies in canada. I got admission in one college at london, onatario, Canada. Since I'm not very sure about the culture and lifestyle of people of over there, can you please help me with some suggestions...... 
    like the pattern of dressing.  what does students generally wear at college if there is no uniform? jeans?
    Boots or shoes, should I buy a pair boots from India, 
    type of moisturizers etc. 

  • Jeans are a good place to start, as students in North America tend to dress very casually. Just keep in mind that it gets VERY cold in the winter (December to February), so you will most definitely need boots, a warm coat, gloves, and a hat.
  • Thank u Anya
  • Hi Nikitha,
    The thing to remember about Canada is that the seasons are so dramatically different! Winters are freezing and summers are hot, so you need to pack clothes for the full spectrum of weather. I was surprised in Canada both by the heat and the cold, so go prepared. Good luck!
  • I have family in Ontario and I have bought boots and winter coats in Canada even though I live in the UK winter in Canada is bitter cold and the Canadian clothing in my opinion is far more suited to the climate.
  • Very useful post. Sometimes we need suggestion from others to have a happy travel. 
  • Hey guyz 
    which things should be packed while travelling to Canada for highr education 
    Im done with all basic things which were mentioned above, for instance My documents,Clothes,Medicines,Thermals.
    should i carry Sleeping Bag along me.?
    But still I think im missing out few things..!!
  • If you're going to be attending a university I'm assuming you have a place to stay, so I can't imagine you would need a sleeping bag.
  • hey all , 
    thank you so much for all of your informative and helpful comments ,
    i belongs to pakistan , after 3 days ( 6 august ) i will leave for   3 countries ,i.e., Malaysia , Thailand & Singapore.
    i have make cheaklist from all of your comments on which items are mentioned .
    thanks once again 
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