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3 weeks to Vietnam

edited March 2013 in - Vietnam
Ok so I am a chef and want to do a trip for about 3 weeks to Vietnam. I want to eat and see some sights but not spend the entire time missioning. I cant squeeze everything into the time I am there so where I do go I want it to count.
Is 3 weeks enough time to try do a bit of Vietnam and Cambodia?
Is it safe for a female to just arrive and wing it?


  • If you have 3 weeks time, please visit the famous sights in Vietnam tours: Indochina Tour: Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia (18 Days).

    This tour to the South-East Asia will allow you to get to know better
    each country. Luang Prabang in Laos, with its magnificent temples that
    are considered among the most beautiful places in the South-East Asia;
    Vietnam with its forever surprising bustle, its landscapes, its history
    and its beaches; and Cambodia where the majestic temples of Angkor make
    the tour seems like a time travelling experience, the greatness of a
    fallen empire and the simplicity of a traditional life.
  • Dear Koppens,
    3 weeks is enough for you to make a wonderful trip around Vietnam and Cambodia. I would also give you help in this matter. If you like, I could make a suitable tour for you with a very best price based on all your requests. You can contact me via this forum or my email: [email protected]
    Very pleased to help you!
  • edited September 2013
    i think travel duration of everyone are difference and how many place you guys would like to discover and travel budget you guys are affordable. Because you are new for this country, so all you guys need a good local agents who know about the country is like their back hand who can tailor made or suggest best things. I have just made a itinerary for friend from England, he and his wife inquiry 12 Days trip but would like to cover Vietnam and Cambodia and included home-stay trekking, it is like tourist beaten track travel style but not missing any highlight cross Vietnam and Cambodia.

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