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Is it true that I can't stay in any hotel with by boyfriend, because we are not married yet?

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I am going to Sharm El Sheik with my fiancé, who is egyptian, and while asking around for a good hotel, we were told that an egyptian man is not allowed to stay at any hotel with a western woman without being married? We are engaged, but not married yet. Can any one give any advice on this?

Thank you

Magnona :-)


  • Hi Magnona,
    The Sharm el Sheik hotels don't care at all if foreigners are unmarried and sharing rooms, but apparently they can be difficult about a local Egyptian man staying with a foreigner and might try and insist that you have separate rooms or at least separate beds. My advice would be to check in advance with individual hotels and make sure you keep a copy of any response you get from them which says it is not a problem. Being engaged may help. It is worth checking in advance because apparently the staff can be very unfriendly if they feel their culture is not being respected. However, as a popular resort area catering to overseas tourists Sharm el Sheik tends to be much more tolerant and liberal than the rest of Egypt.
  • Thank you, Ella :-) I will try that
  • You will NOT be allowed to stay in a hotel but you should be able to rent a private apartment, provided it isn't owned by an Egyptian. The Delta Sharm complex have lots of apartments for rent that are owned by Europeans who don't care whether you are married or not.

    Just be aware though, the police can and do stop and speak Egyptian men if they are seen strolling around hand in hand with foreign women in the resorts. 

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    If you are foreigner then hotel's are not care at all , because It's none of their Business but if you are Egyptian then it's illegal.
  • Magnona, it would be awesome if you could report back after your trip so we can hear how it all panned out. This is quite a frequently asked question with travellers to Egypt. Enjoy!
  • Well if you are a foreigner then its not compulsory to stay with your boyfriend/girl friend I think but if you are a local citizen and still wants to stay in a hotel then this might create a problem for you I think.
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