Need visa to enter Mexico?



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    Hi i am entering Mexico in april and volunteering on a community project, not earning any money, staying 30 days, with UK passport, coming in via usa. Do i need a visa or will tourist visa surfice?

    many thanks
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    Indian Passport holder currently in US with a B1 I need a Mexican visa to visit for 1 day?
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    I have a friend visiting me from Australia sometime next summer and I wanted to take him to meet some of my relatives in Mexico for the day. Would he need a visa even if it's just a day or would his passport be enough? In fact it's been a while since I've been there myself. Would I need anything other than my passport. I'm from the US.
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    Hi Olivia,

    You and your friend will both need your passports, but you don't need visas to enter Mexico for a day trip. Here's a link to info on visas for Mexico.
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    Hi, I am from India. I have a valid Mexico Business visa , but since there is no direct flight from India to mexico , I need to take flights Via US. Will i need any specific transit visa for such a senario? if yes, whats the process and timelines for such a visa?
  • We are Swiss and German and will enter Mexico from the US in Dec 2013.
    Do we need a flight out of Mexico in order to enter?

    Thanks so much!
  • See GLADYS, I have been to Mexico many times even I always need to carry my European visa while being in European countries but I have some friends in Europe and they told me they don't need visa while visiting in Mexico, they European visa works there. So you can move ahead, have a lovely trip ahead.
  • Hi I have EEA Residence Permit in Uk (married to polish) I know that I don't need a visa to EU country when I'm traveling with my wife but this time I'm traveling to Cunun Mexico and I would like to ask if I need visa as I'm planing to go this march with my wife
  • As Mexico is not part of the European Union, yes you will need to apply for a visa in advance.
  • Sofianetako, you do need a Schengen visa if you travel to other EU countries. Even though you have an EEA residence permit this does not grant you right of entry you still need a visa.

    I suggest you look at the CanCun official site to find out how you apply for your Mexican visa
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