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    If your daughter goes to Hong Kong with her school group, I think the school will help to get the group a group visa for entering and departing Hong Kong.
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    were from philippines and were going to hongkong on may.do we need to get hk visa for 4day tour?
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    Generally speaking, the Filipino (citizens with Filipina passport) can go to Hong Kong and stay in Hong Kong without a visa for 14 days. But there're some exceptions. And if you need to go to mainland China from HK, you do need a China visa.
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    I am Vietnamese, but I am living in Toronto, Canada for studying. I will go back to Vietnam to visit my family this summer and I want to stop by HongKong for few days. Where can I apply visa? and what do I need to prepare for? I heard that it may take up to 2 months to get the visa done because they have to send the application to HongKong and wait for it to be sent back. Is it right?
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    Pls i am from Nigerian,but i have residence in Ireland do i need visa to go to hong Kong for 1week.PLS HELP
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    Hi Emysc, I suggest you call to or go to the Chinese Consulate in Toronto for the latest policy. You know the visa policy changes.

    For Modupejess, if you have an Irish passport, you can go and stay in HK for atmost 90 days. If you go to mainland China, you DO need a China visa.
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    i would like to check if im allowed to exit hongkong with my uae employment visa as i am planning to travel for holidays in hongkong for few days and then leave for uae.i am philippine in citizenship
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    I am heading to Hong Kong for four nights in November on my way home to New Zealand. I am a New Zealand Citizen travelling on a New Zealand Passport. It is valid until January 2012. Will I need to apply for a renewal passport my ticket is only one way as I will be living in New Zealand from then on.
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    hi im a filipino citizen and i have uae work visa, is it ok for me to exit in hongkong going to dubai? what is the procedure? thanks.
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    Hi I am a filipina who work here in Hong Kong and I have my boyfriend from Nigeria and where planning to marry here in Hong Kong and I want to know how I make a visa for him. Please tell me, what are the requirements to make a visa to him? I want to make him here in Hong Kong. I need your help. I am waiting for the reply. Thanks.
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    I am holding a green card in us do I need a visa to visit hong kong for 4 days
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    I have a Chinese visa, and from my nationality, require a visa to enter Hong Kong. Can I use my Chinese visa and enter through Hong Kong, then Shenzhen into China and return the same way. I heard it is better to use the international airport in Hong Kong and travel to inland China from the airport in Shenzhen. Will appreciate any information you can give me. Can I use my Chinese visa and enter through Hong Kong, Thanks
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    Hi Guys,

    I have just been sponsored to work in HK from the UK. My girlfirend is Australian. Can we get married in HK and if so can she then join my VISA as a dependant and therefore stay and work in HK?

    Many thnaks for any advice!
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    ps just to add I am British.

  • Hello! 
     I am filipino citizen do i need visa to visit in hongkong for 21 days only? :) 

    Regards Maria Fe 
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    You want to go to china and you are facing problems in getting visa...?
    Here is your answer. Just go to visarite (www.visarite.com/China_visa.htm). They help you to understand visa and passport rules and also offer different types of visa. Detailed information is available there.
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    Hello every body, regarding my experience, i encountered a lot a
    problem. But i think most of the difficulties are due to the requirement
    for the file. I found some detailed information on this website: www.visarite.com,
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  • No, you can stay in Hong Kong up to 90 days.

    For others:

    No visa or entry permit is required for any purpose if you hold any of the following travel documents:

    • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport,
    • British National (Overseas) Passport,
    • Hong Kong Certificate of Identity,
    • Hong Kong Re-entry permit (for entry from the Mainland of China and the Macao Special Administrative Region only),
    • Hong Kong Seaman's Identity Book,
    • Hong Kong Document of Identity for Visa Purposes provided that the document is valid or the holder's limit of stay in Hong Kong has not expired.
    • Travel documents bearing one of the following endorsements:
      • "Holder's eligibility for Hong Kong permanent identity card verified."
      • "The holder of this travel document has the right to land in Hong Kong. (Section 2AAA, Immigration Ordinance, Cap. 115, Laws of Hong Kong)"
    • Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card.
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    hi,,,im filipina and I want my parents to travel to hongkong for 10 days…what are the requirements that they need to get to enter hongkong?….thanks.
  • Travellers from the Phillipines don't need visas for visits of less than 14 days, so your parents should be fine. They'll need passports valid for one month after their trip, plus return tickets and proof of sufficient funds.
  • hi!
    I'm a filipina. I'm now here in hongkong with visit visa.
    my story goes like this..
    I worked at ocean park for only 2 months contract but before my contract ends I found another employer and process another working visa for me. my employer gave me white card (extension section) from immigration so that I can stay free in hong kong even my visa already expired.
    the problem is, I went to the philippines for 2 weeks after my contract in ocean park. after 2 weeks I came back here in hong kong with visit visa (14days) and still my working visa not yet release and its already 4weeks this coming 23rd of november. I only have 4days in visit visa to stay here.
    my questions are:
    -is my white card still valid since I exit to philippines?
    -can I extend my visit visa (with a reason of waiting my working visa to release)
    -what is the best way to do with my condition?

    any one can help me please.. :(
  • You can extend your visit visa by going to a Hong Kong immigration branch office they are located here.
    http://www.immd.gov.hk/en/services/addresses/branch-office.html this government site also explains the process. You need to apply immediately before your present visa expires. Take your passport and white card and explain your circumstances.
    Surely you should contact your new employer for further assistance.
  • Thank you Alethia :)
    By the way im now on my 12th day here in hong kong. I have 2 days left to stay here so can I still apply for my extension? Thank you
  • Yes you can apply, you must do it immediately.
  • Ok thank you again ms.Alethia
    Godbless :)
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