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Scams in Lagos Africa



  •, scamdigger, pigbusters someone else posted, and the sites did the rest. This man claimed he was from the Ukraine Slovak, had 2 children yet other profiles said 1 child. Mother died of cancer of the cervix he never married the girls mother and the girls mother died in car accident with another guy. Says he was a bioengineer went to university in Scotland and got his degree in bio engineering. Does talks all over the world to do oil/gas contracts. Says when he arrived at customs in lagos Nigeria all his money was confiscated and they're were charges against him for money laundering and drug trafficking when he had no drugs on him. Now I am a law student with brains and of course I am blonde, and no way stupid. I continued with the online relationship until I had all my verifications back. Each piece of information this guy gave me I checked out from DVLA on his license, to his job he used to work at, his residence even sent a letter there, continued to look for his picture email address and no such luck through google no luck even through spokeo, passport, asked for his contract etc. his girls were kidnapped needing medical attention to malnutrition to malaria now claims he has no money for Internet never having video chatted, he wouldn't even meet with my pastors who happen to go there and he refuses to meet them refuses to do video chat and I know it's possible. Claims he loves me. Everything I have been told I have verified to be all lies, he's under investigation by the FBI. He goes by Roy Bill; [email protected] He is constantly changing his US cell phones and right now the current number is out of Minnesota, yet has had 3 Lagos Nigerian Cell numbers. He continues to state that he is telling me the truth even after confrontation. I've cut all ties now. Be aware of any person asking for help funnel money through you, bank info, wire transfers, money gram and western union. Western union will let money come through lagos Nigeria even if they don't have valid ID and will even pay a small fee their the people at the counter for helping them get the funds. Be aware some if these scammers are highly educated based on terminology that has been used such as devoid, altruistic, etc. big words typical people don't normally use. So be very Leary my friends check everything out and use as a tracer when you first me someone and continue using it to trip them up. Good luck!
  • I have met many Nigerian scammer and stopped associating with them because of asking for money and I feel it is a waste of time trying to find a real genuine man from that country so I am giving up on the love searching because they spoil everything and degrade the good ones.
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    We hear of so many scammers from West Africa and in particular Nigeria as Neri88 says its really hard to know who is genuine and who is just after your money!!

    Before you get to involved with anyone on the internet or via a dating site take a step back and ask a friend what they think!!  
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    I am so surprised this forum keeps getting these comments, it's as if most of you haven't even read the previous posts before making a post yourself. Two different people have clearly outlined the dating scam details yet so many of  your are devoting an enormous amount of space describing almost verbatim what others have posted!!

    Let's keep this simple folks....if you meet someone online from any website, NO MATTER WHICH ONE IT IS if they can not call you from a United States telephone number that you can return the call to and if you don't see them live on cam (Skype is a foolproof webcam site, voice included and the site is FREE.) then you are being scammed. How much simpler can it be?? People who live in the United States and work overseas don't normally try to start relationships with people from their home country when they are living abroad.  Common sense should tell you if they live in the United States they would be dating online when they are home, not hooking up while overseas!  I don't know what else to say except reread the comments on this forum and the answers are glaring from every post....SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!
  • Beentheredonethat part of the problem is these scammers create a profile on the dating website stating that they live in the USA, Canada, Australia and other countries to begin the online relationship. Then when the relationship is established and the victim is interested and falling for the scammer the dynamic changes and the scammer creates a story that "he" or "she" is leaving on a "trip" to Africa usually for business but in my friend's case was for a "vacation". This takes place before a meeting can take place.

    After the communication changes to being from Africa often from Accra Ghana or Lagos Nigeria and this is when the urgencies for money begin.

    The victim is (as was suggested to me) invested emotionally in the scammer and will make the money investment in their future "life partner" without question. Which often continues until either the victim runs out of money, realizes the scam on their own, or is forced to acknowledge the scam by family and friends start taking an interest. From my experience it is really difficult for the victim to admit they have been scammed.

    However as more people are learning about the romance scammers it is becoming less of an embarrassment to the victim and more education of safety on the internet is being shared.

    That education is really the key to combating these scammers.

    That said the truth is if you are internet dating stick to someone that is in your area and is looking to meet in a short time and no feelings of love are expressed until after meeting in person. If the person you are talking to cannot meet and are making plans for a visit to another country especially Africa it is time to end it. In addition to this any request for money no matter how small is never to be sent to someone you do not know exception.

    Stop communication immediately if money or travel is suggested before meeting in person.

  • Great advice guys! Unfortunately as you pointed out, by the time money becomes an issue the victim is usually already very emotionally invested. Most people come here, I believe, hoping in their hearts that someone will tell them they aren't being taken advantage of, that their story can still have a happy ending.

    I see so many sad stories on this forum, I hope that some people do read them and save themselves the heartbreak!
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    I didn't know something like this existed, until I became a victim. Ken Smith sent me a friend request on facebook, I was leery at first, but his picture looked good. He said he used to be a pilot, he is an engineer now, in Miami, Fl. His parents died when he was you g, his wife passed away 7 years ago from Cancer. He has a 13 year old son, supposedly goes to school in UK. We have been talking for a month now. Like everyone else, he started proclaiming his undying love, etc. he sounded genuine on the phone, although he has a different accent. He sent me several pictures of himself, so I thought he was real. I did background checks, it was all clear. Lately, he started asking me to help send his son to an excursion in Paris, since he is working on a contract in Accra, Ghana and could not send him the money, £1100. I told him I don't have that kind of money, since I already told him I live from payday to payday. Now he says he found someone who will fund 1/2 of the money, so I just have to send 1/2. He is quite upset with me, since I refuse to give in. This weekend, I started getting phone calls from a strange number, starts with 233. I didn't answer the calls but then several text messages were sent, stating I need to go to Africa and bail my boyfriend, that he is a rapist and murderer and a drug addict. He called me, saying he has been in the hospital because he was beaten up and brought to the hospital. I sent him the text messages I received, he laughed at them, told me to delete these messages and that they were all lies, to try to extort money from me. Anyway, Can anyone offer any advice? Have you all ever heard of this guy?
  • Ken Smith is not his real name he probably has numerous aliases. 
    I was interested as to what  " background checks " you carried out that were all clear.
    233 is the international country code for Ghana. 
    Why are you still in contact with this man? He is so obviously a scammer. you should stop all contact imediately
  • I think I'm being scamed now his name is John Russell Jr. he says he'shalf Spanish American is mother live in Madrid Spain with his daughter Shirley who is 27. claims to be an architect and went to the College in Madrid Spain and went 2 school in New York. and has lived in Florida in his mother's house and now is living with a roommate in California.last night he call me but I thinkhe forgot to fix it like it was private number but it said Nigeria. Here is email john.russell I met hom on Facebook. Let me know if anybody is been scam by him.
  • I met a guy on Tagged and he said he was from Austin and that he had just left to go to Nigeria to see his mom because she was sick.  Then after a month of talking he was supposed to come back and his plane ticket expired and needed $300 to add to it.  Like a dummy wanting to help everyone I sent him $300.  Then he said he got robbed and they also want him to have TSF funds to travel just in case something happens.  I told him that I have never heard of that and that they can't make him have money because if something happen then he will not need it anyway.  Then I asked how much and he said he need $950 and I told him sorry I don't have that type of money and that he needed to call his client that owes him money.  So he got pissed and didn't talk to me for a day. Then he sent a messenger saying he was sorry and that he understand that I am skeptical and that I didn't love him or trust him.  After a whole battle he got my info and had his friend send me a check for $1700 to cash at my bank so that I can Western Union it to him.  I took it to a check cash place and they called the company on the check to verify and was told it was not one of their checks.  I sent him a message along with his friend to let him know that the check was fake and they insisted me taking it to my bank, I told them know because I don't need them getting my info and trying to scam me.  Since then me and him been talking but he is pestering me in sending him money so he could get back to the states and I keep telling him i don't have money nor am I going to cash the check.  He want me to hold on to the check until he come and just send him cash.  He has told him I don't trust him or love him and his daughter Julie enough to send him money.  So do this sound like a scam because I have put my guard up and let him know that I am not for the scamming and that he has got 300 out of me.  He keep saying money isn't a issue and that he will pay me when he come back but I am not believing that one bit.  I have a bad feeling about the check sent to me and since it was unable to be verified put up bigger red flags.  I have tried to locate Bruce Johnson in Austin to see if hhe really exist but no one with his age group.  I am just pissed that people like to scam honest people that gives a damn. Well I am still not sure if it was a scam because he said he don't want money from me and he understands how I feel about being scammed but at the same time asked me to send money to him for food.  What the f--k ever and now he said for me not to messsage him anymore and that when he get back to the states he will contact me to pay me the money I sent.  I am not holding my breath but I still have this check that his friend sent me for $1700.
  • This man is definitely a scammer.He does not live in Austin  try Lagos Nigeria. How could you carry on talking to someone who gave you a fake check, you need to stop all contact with him. 
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    Hello how can I edit my username here, I don't want my friends Or relative see just incase. What I post here.
  • I read through these comments & couldn't help but laugh. Like seriously,you people shouldn't tell me you give out money to people you haven't met in person b4. I am proudly a Nigerian female & I know how the government battle these scammers but they cannot suceed if you people abroad keep falling for more scammers bcos the more they catch them,more wicked people join the trade. They see it as a lucrative trade & most of them take it as full time jobs. Another thing is that there are some god-fathers in Nigeria who employ these young sharp minds to do evil & even when they're arrested,they are quickly bailed 4rm prisons. My advice 2 you all is 2 stop giving out money or personal infos 2 people you haven't seen/met b4. Once they start telling you cock & bull stories that involve money,cut off communication. Bcos they can't be stopped & more scammers have joined the business. Poverty & greed are making people behave worse than beasts. And 4 those of you seeking a partner just like me bcos you're lonely, open your eyes, be sharp & pray(its very important) b4 you give out your heart. Take care, be very careful.
  • Heart broken
  • scotti john British man is a scammer
  • Has anyone ever heard of an Anthony Amadin, or Tony Amadin? Born in the US but lived in Africa has recently moved back to the states. He's supposedly on his way back now. He did give me all of his flight information and it all checks out but I want to make sure before I meet him, if he is actually flying back here.
  • Did you give this man any money? He will probably call and say he did not get on the flight for the following reason, accident,so he is now in hospital, wallet and passport stolen has to pay BTA or PTA and does not have the money so he cant get on the flight. I am 100% sure this man will not show up.

    BTA (Basic Travel Allowance ) PTA ( Passenger Travel Allowance) are scams used by people to obtain money fraudulently.
    I wait with baited breath for Mr Amadin's next move.
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    I did not give him any money and he didnt mention anything about a BTA or PTA. I am very skeptical, especially after reading about all of these scams. The last email I sent I told him to call me when he landed. I guess I just have to play the waiting game. 
  • Yep, he missed his flight and needs money for another ticket. I told him to never contact me again.
  • Good for you Marie25.
  • Well done Marie25. Thank goodness you followed your instincts. 
  • I also had Tony Amadin contact me, but he first did via He cancelled his profile, username Loyal_1517, and has communicated with me through email. His email is [email protected]. I already had my suspicions towards online dating, but when he told me his story (similar to Marie25's) he was born in the US, moved to West Africa to live with his aunt because his mother passed and dad couldn't care for him, and recently had to come back because his father passed away who lived in the Atlanta area, so he was back, and then had to rush off to W. Africa because his aunt had malaria. Seriously? Lol. I had a guard up the whole time waiting for something to become a huge red flag.

    I got curious and Googled his name and this blog popped up. This confirmed that this very well could be a scammer. So I kept the past few conversations brief as I did not want to give out any thing too personal about myself, and waited for that special email to come up with him asking for money. Just happened, and I wanted to share with whoever else may come into contact with this low life. Did not realize stuff like this happens through online dating as I just started to try out it out. So scary that we now have to worry about people like that on serious dating sites that people pay for. 

    "I'm very sad I could not get the flight ticket and I don't know what to do now since I have to be back asap to sort the issues about my dad's properties and finances. I could not afford the ticket because the price has increased and I already spent so much money for my trip and stuff here .

    I don't know if is right to ask this but I was wondering if you can loan me some small amount of money for the ticket balance so I can get the ticket today and will payback when I return. I know this is a lot to ask from you but I really don't have anyone to loan me the money so I can payback in few days because I don't have access to my funds from here till I get back. Please I really need your help with this one life time favor because I have got so much on the line to lose if I don't get back this weekend. Thanks in advance"

  • Shelly2014, we get so many sad stories on this forum about romance scams - it's always great when somebody posts who has avoided the scam! Well done.
  • I want to know what happened when she refused the money  :(  Unhappy scammer !! Well done Shelley.
  • meet a woman on here been talking with her for about three months  and am thinking on send her money to get too the usa but want too know what some would need to come from there what kind of documents that she would need
     can someone help me here with that info

  • Do not send this woman any money you do not know this person at all. If you want to meet her you go to see her.
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  • I disagree, there are serious safety concerns for a single woman travelling alone to a place like Nigeria in order to see a man she has never met.
  • I have a similar story. Man contacted me through a match dating site, didnt respond to email for a couple of weeks and then claimed he has been abroad finishing a contract. After a few months of chatting about his wife who had died in a car accident leaving behind a beautiful daughter who was now 11, called Nicole, receiving numerous photos of them both doing different things, He left for a job in Thailand. A week later I got an SOS stating he needed 20,000 dollars to bail his men out because they had been caught working without a VISA. Claimed he had thought they didnt need a working visa and had gotten into the country without a visa because of being american. I had just been to Thailand that summer with a bunch of students, several of them Americans so I knew that wasn't true, I offered to help him bo contacting a friend of my parents who is a consul in Vietnam and he freaked. Never heard from him again.
  • Google + is being used now too, was contacted by someone called Ivory Peters who claimed to be an american doctor working at the embassy in Tel Aviv with a small son in boarding school in Manchester. Two days later I get messages saying his son has been hit by a car, has no idea how he is, and can I please call the school with my cell phone since he isn't allowed to use his inside the compound he is in for security reasons. I told him my mobile wouldnt allow me international calls but that if he gave me the name of the school I could get my family to call since they live in the UK. He went offline right away.
  • How in the world can you people only interact with ghosts on the internet? Why don't you try going outside sometime and meet a real human person?

  • @Calalilie you need to stay off the internet as you seem to attract wierdos, try real life its far more interesting.
  • Nope, just the same person several times, and this forum is called scams so that's why I'm posting. I have no intention of falling for a scam at all, but we know people do fall for it and the more information we put out there the harder it will be for them to find victims, or at least that's the theory anyways :)
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    Hopefully your warning will prove useful Calalilie. At least you recognised they were scammers immediately. The basic romance scam story always stays the same - the widow, the young child, the father working far away, the sudden crisis... One can only hope that people do a little research before falling for these creeps because as soon as you read up about romance scams it's very easy to recognise them. Sigh. By the way, I deleted your duplicate post because this thread is the best place for you to contribute.
  • Hi all

    I hv met a "nice man" on
    He said he is USA army who deployed in Nigeria to fight Boko Haram.
    He said he is widowed and hv 1 daughter 10 years old.
    He said his name is Moore Talabisco.
    His daughter name is Lisa Moore.
    My confuse. Why his daughter use d first name of him as d family name.
    He said he really love and wanna live in Indonesia and wanna convert to bcome Muslim.
    He said to make him leaving from Africa, i should send email to d basecamp. D email address is [email protected]
    Then few days later, i got a reply letter from "basecamp" n said i should pay $300 as administrative fee of leaving deployement.
    I replied, i dont hv tht amount of money. So thn i got replied again that said. "Ok. Ur process will be d loan of Mr Talabisco. So please waitd next process"
    Thn a few days later, i got a letter frm basecamp tht said bcoz of there isnt military flight to indonesia, so he will fly by commercial flight. So i should pay $500.
    I replied i dnt hv money. So thn i got replied again that said its a rules, its obligation n its policy. N said, they wanna reduce d amount money. Til they said i only need pay $100.

    I think its my stupidity or i hv blind. Or maybe it causes talabisco always chat almost everytimeso i cant think clearly. He chat since 2 pm til 8 pm in mine. Thn he said his duty to patrol.

    I sent tht amount money $100.
    In d email from base. Written that i should pay by Western union to Akinleye Emman.

    I check to talabisco, he said Akinleye is a commander in basecamp. His boss.

    After i sent tht money. Few days later (today) he chat wid me on yahoo messenger that he got email to basecamp that said he must pay $200 as BTA fee. Or he cant go out frm Nigeria.

    his yahoo id is [email protected]
    He has whatsapp too
    +234 813 261 2209

    He gave me hisdaughter email address too.
    [email protected]

    So. Please help me to find out.
    Does he a scammer or not?
  • @diamondpearl DO NOT send any more money to this man he is 100% a scammer.
    1. There are no US troops deployed in Nigeria
    2. Military personnel often fly on normal airlines they do not need to pay their own airfares
    3. There is no such thing as BTA (basic travel allowance) this is a ploy used by scammers to get money
    4. Akinleye Emman is probably his real name.
    Military personnel do not need money from women they meet on the internet, the miltary takes care of everything
    Have you tried Googling his photograph you may find its a fake. Moore Talabisco and Lisa Talabisco do not exist they are Nigerian scammers. Stop all contact with this man. Please do not send money to anyone you have never met.
  • 100% scammer.

    Stop sending money to strangers.

    Honestly, do you really need to be told this?...

  • You are scamed because you want to.
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    Being scammed is one of the worst feelings I have ever felt. Like most of you, I questioned my scammer's content, but continued because I could not find any evidence that linked this person to any wrongdoing. I used several reverse image sites, googled phone numbers, his user profile, names, story info and found nothing.
    This guy, Sam, claimed he was South African, but born/raised in Liverpool, UK. He moved to Maryland to start a new life, and had been in Maryland for the past year. Just as we met (online), he claimed he was in the process of going back to the UK to get his daughter Becky to bring her back to Maryland. His mom had been her caretaker for the past year. During his trip in the UK, he brought up the classic story of getting an assignment in Nigeria (contractor/engineer who worked on roads and bridges). Since he had just flown from the states to the UK, he planned to take Becky with him for the two-week long assignment, and they would be on their way back to MD--easy. During the last few days in Nigeria (of course we talked every day) Becky was singing and dancing in the bathtub and fell and suffered a severe concussion. Once he received money and they were on their way back to the states, Becky got sick, like deathly ill from the concussion. She cried and vomited the entire flight from Lagos to London, so rather than continuing to MD, they took the advice of the pilot to take her to a nearby hospital where she had to have emergency surgery.
    The story goes on and on before I finally realize this guy had no intentions of ever seeing me, and was indeed a scammer. I was wooed by photos, texts, calls--I even spoke to this guy's mom Elizabeth, and his daughter Becky, several times. They all had British accents. In hindsight, I now realize it was all made up, and that I fell for it. Throughout the entire experience, I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right. I was stuck on the fact that I couldn't prove anything. After reading comments and stories similar to mine, all I can say is--please follow your gut and the advice of so many others, and do NOT give people money that you have never met. You will never, ever get it back. These guys are very sophisticated, patient, and good at what they do. Also, if a guy constantly comes up with excuses not to meet you, more than likely, you're being groomed to be scammed. They will have a story, and will eventually ask you for money. Let our stories be your experience. Don't fall for it.
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