Some Tips for visiting Turkey



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    Hi Pulakit

    I am not very familiar with the coastal areas near to Istanbul so would hesitate to recommend anywhere. Hopefully someone more familiar with that area will be able to help.

    Otherwise look at various tour companies ont he internet - those offering tours in Turkey and see where they go then make your choice.

    I hope you find somewhere :)
  • y Hey Clare
    We are visiting bodrum in turkey next week on a all inclusive holiday.
    Just wondered what currency you believe is best to bring and what amounts should we tip the staff in the hotel
    We are also very keen on gang on a day trip to kos
    If you have any hints that would be great :) thank you
  • The Turkish currency is Turkish Lira which can be easily bought in any travel agent, Post office, bank, Money shop etc in the United Kingdom before you go on holiday.

    Cash points (ATMs) can be found in all tourist resorts and large cities just the same as the UK so don't worry Mizzykiitykat you wont have a problem .

    Can't help with your question on tipping as I have never been on an all inclusive or package holiday

    I am sure the 4 day trip on offer by your tour operator to Kos will be expensive. There are lots of ferry boats sailing from Bodrum to Kos for about  17 Euros return (£14)

    You can also visit the Greek Islands Rhodes and Kalymnos. Greek money is the Euro so you will need to buy some Euros if you travel to the Greek Islands.

    You can also visit Marmaris and Datca  in Turkey by ferry from Bodrum.
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    in my opinion when we go to turkey, the beautiful place of natural beauty. the gulet is the best options for visiting turkey people enjoy allot here with yacht charter or also able to enjoy excellent quality of food. so a complete trip.
  • Ady11 a gulet is not a suitable holiday for everyone.Being on a boat with complete strangers in close quarters is not everyone cup of tea,
    Many people suffer from motion sickness and are picky eaters preferring to the chips with everything buffets at an all inclusive hotel.
    A gulet holiday does not show you any parts of Turkey that are not on the Aegean or Mediterranean coastlines.

    Each to his own
  • Well one area which most travelers ignore is the currency.They tend to delay this important part of travel preparation.You can convert currency online with many currency converters as they provide good authentic and rleaible exchange rates 
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    Well! You have shared useful information. I also want to add more more about it. I have two more tips..
    First one is If you are planning to spend holidays  in Turkey for more than a week then you must  convert your money a little at a time. Inflation is high in Turkey (50% in 1999) and you will be surprised by the changes a week in exchange rates can bring. 
    2nd one is If you purchase your visa at your point of entry have cash. They do not take traveler's checks, credit cards or Turkish lira. So, be careful....
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    Houston , having recently returned from Turkey I can confirm that there has not been raging inflation for years.As of December 2013 inflation was 7.40 per cent. 
    The Turkish government passed a law in 2003 removing six zeros from the lira paving the way for the New Turkish Lira which came into being in 2005 thus normalising the currency. Consequently there have not been fluctuations in exchange rates as seen prior to 2005.

    Here are last years Turkish Lira to Pound Sterling exchange rates 

    Highest: 3.8472 TRY on 25 Jan 2014.

    Average: 3.3298 TRY over this period.

    Lowest: 3.1403 TRY on 02 Sep 2013.

    Visa Fees payable at Turkish airports are payable in three currencies Pound Sterling, Us Dollars and Euros

    £10 (pound Sterling)

    or $20 (US dollars)

    or 15 Euros

    However after 10 April 2014 ALL visas must be bought in advance on line here

  • Visa fees depend on your nationality. Only purchase from the link given in the previous post. Several "middle man" websites have appeared looking very like the official government site but charging a lot more and a longer delay in receiving your visa. Computer booths have been set up in airports for those that have forgotten but are more expensive. Also if you have a problem or are ineligible for this visa you are stuck!
    At the moment the exchange rate is amazing so could be worth exchanging more money to lira than you normally would as who knows what will happen in the summer. Currently it's around 3.5 to the £ when previously getting 2.5 was considered a good deal.
  • Thanks for your tips :-)
  • What can be the best way to avoid from expensive roaming charges while traveling to the different countries? Any Idea Please? I am traveling to several countries for business purpose but always face bitter experience of expensive bill while coming back to home country.....
  • Hello Salah, I hope this will work for you, To avoid from roaming charges, some roam free prepaid sim card can be used, I remember my friend Tom came to meet me in USA from France and he was using a sim card name xxsim and taking incoming calls free of cost & it worked fine while he stayed in USA & was not worried about the roaming charges.
  • best way is to grab a local sim. they cost around £10 and will eliminate any roaming fees. You can ask for Telsim (Vodaphone) or Turkcell. both just as good as each other. you can get them from local phone stores anywhere..
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    The best time to visit Turkey are between May and October. If you are
    planning in July or August, it is advised to bring a sun hat or
    sunscreen. If you are visiting in winter then, you need warm clothes as
    the temperatures may go as low as 5F.

  • An update on visa fees.
    for UK passport holders the e-visa is 20USD when bought online. This is 180 day multiple entry visa of which 90 days may be spent in Turkey.
    You can check out requirements at for all nationalities. This is the official government website.
    Don't use other websites as they charge a lot more.
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