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passport expiry - going to Thailand and Malaysia

edited July 2013 in - Malaysia
my passport runs out 14th december 2014 and im going to thailand and malaysia from  7th september to  8th october 2014 would i need a new passport ??? or would my passport  be valid for this trip thanks  


  • it depending on your passport. If you don need to apply visa. 3 months should be ok. If you need to apply visa , it must at least 6 months in advance
  • thanks visa china so i should be ok i dont need visa i live in the u.k thanks
  • hi, may i know how to calcature the passport expired date? Example: if my passport expired on 25 march 2014. Means i still can flight before 25 september 2013?
  • Hi I'm going to France on the 24th October till the 27th October and my passport runs out on the 8th of April 2014 can I still travel?

    Many thanks.
  • Hi Andrew,
    Where are you from? It seems that France only officially requires passports to be valid for duration of stay, which means you should be totally fine to travel. It is always advisable to have six months validity when travelling - no matter what the official requirements - but you have almost that much and should be fine. I would recommend checking the exact requirements for your nationality though.
  • No Maggieomx, I don't think you require new passport for this and yes if you want that from your own priority then I would suggest you to apply for that asap because it might take 3-6 month of getting a new passport issued to you.
    Have a great trip.!!
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