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is there anything good about nigeria all i here are the scams

edited April 2011 in - West Africa
Reading all the posting on this site I have not found many good feedbacks on Nigeria at all.
Im interested in chatting to people that have some good feed back on Nigeria and there populations
Any one that has meet anyone there after geting to know each other online I happy to chat too as well.
Plus happy to take any advise on traveling to Lagos
Thank you


  • Nigeria has a certain frantic charm, but usually only for small doses if you are European. I think it is very exciting business-wise but you need to be well-connected. You should look at our sister site at which has a guide to Nigeria including interviews with expats living there. 
    Visit for destination advice
  • Hello angeleyess, something you must know about a country, not everybody is definitely bad or good in that country, nigerian is a very peaceful country rich in mineral resources, Nigeria is a country where you can travel to and have fun, with your family, nigeria is also a country where you can invest in and make good profits, there is a lot of thing to invest in in nigeria.
  • Geraldoprah, whilst Nigeria is rich in mineral resources it most definitely NOT  peaceful or safe country.

    ALL western governments and in that I include Australia and New Zealand advise their citizens against all but essential travel i

    In many areas of Nigeria foreigners are advised against all travell

    There is a high threat from terrorism in Nigeria. There is a threat of retaliatory attacks following the declared state of emergency and subsequent military operations in Nigeria. There is also a threat of retaliatory attacks in Nigeria due to its participation in the intervention in Mali. 

    There is a high threat of kidnap throughout Nigeria. Recent terrorist kidnaps have occurred mostly in northern Nigeria, but could occur anywhere in Nigeria. Kidnaps can be for financial or political gain, and can be motivated by criminality or terrorism or both.

    Demonstrations and civil unrest can occur at short notice. 

    Violent crime is common in the south of the country, including Lagos. 

    Flash flooding can occur during the wet season (June to October). There is a greater risk from water-borne diseases during the rainy season

    Before considering any travel, foreigners should take professional security advice. If you are  employed in Nigeria be vigilant at all times, keep others informed of your travel plans and vary your routines. You should follow your employer’s security advice, make sure your accommodation is secure and review your security measures regularly.

    I would prefer the advice given by my government than someone on an internet forum when it comes to travel in dangerous countries such as Nigeria

  • Nigeria!
    Not a tourist destination at all!!- okay for business
    Very aggressive - one hasto watch one's back all the time!
    Movement restricted esp in evenings- so one is not free=stay away if you do not need to go there!!!
  • What a rant alethia! What a rant
  • Captain you obviously do not understand the definition of the word "rant". Perhaps you have something positive to offer on the subject of "Is there anything good about Nigeria"
  • "to speak at length in an impassioned way" thats what a rant is, (no offence). Why do u write so much bad stuff about Nigeria, when obviously u havnt been here b4, u r misleading people. Of course we all have some negative stories about nija but u r using to dark a paint okay, please.... Jst try to understand d country a bit more frm d inside, u wont regret it, (smiles)
  • Captain, I have been to Nigeria and I have lived in Zimbabwe and travelled extensively to other African nations.

    My post was not a rant as I feel no passion at all, I was simply reporting the facts from up to date reliable sources and it is not misleading information. Unfortunately Nigeria has very bad press and deservedly so in my opinion.
  • edited September 2013
    (smiles) Alethia, i used the phrase 'no offence' so u wont feel insulted, i'm sorry if u feel that way okay, Nigeria is a very lovely place, its ok if u and ur 'reliable sources' think bad about us, but as i said, if u can set aside ur facts, stats, reliable sources........, or whateva they call it nowadays and try to understand my country from the inside, u'll know Nigeria's not only gat a nice spirit, but also a very lovely, intelligent and happy people, thanks.
  • .....and not to mention u have a sweet name, it sounds greek, is it?
  • Yes the name is Greek it is the ancient word for truth  ;;)
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