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Trogir and Split, Croatia

edited November 2008 in - Eastern Europe
Hi! I am going to only be in Split for 5 hours while on a Princess Cruise of the Mediterranean. Can I get around by myself to Trogir, etc. or do I need a guide with vehicle? Thanx!


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    City busses run daily between Trogir and Split and are very affordable so you really don't have to worry with finding a guide. The trip is about 45 minutes either way so budget your time carefully and, otherwise, enjoy the cruise!
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    You can also book a private car and tour guide if you want to maximize your 5 hours. The cost is of course more, but not extravagant. If you want more information please let me know.
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    I would like to have the option to book a guide so we can see and do as much as possible in our short time. Please let me have a contact number of a guide--would this be you?
  • Hi, Joyk, you can connect Global Connect via their link :
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    Hi joyk, we can definitely arrange that for you. Please send us a brief request via our website.

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    Why don't you team up with someone and book a car & driver?
    I stumbled upon where you can book a mini van for 8 people or a car and prices are reasonable.

    Drivers often know the best places!!!
    Frank :=)
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