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    Does anyone know if you are a UK citizen working in South Africa do u need BTA to come tlo US??? I'm concerned I'm being scammed.
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    A UK citizen doesn't even need a visa to enter the US.
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    Does anyone know anything about a Rosemay Couture/Brenda Simpkins/Taiwo Popoopla? Rosemary Cooture rcouture @ yahoo. com has scamed me out of @ 3,000 and will not stop asking for more money. Has these people scamed anyone else? Rosemary couture and Brenda Simpkins are from Delaware Ohio
  • Am very sorry for you guys cause have never been through such,but at first when i met veronica a black nigerian girl with email telling me i have to pay for her ticket fee to US i felt it was a scam but i told myself let me give it a risk cause she was beautiful and was a model in nigeria.but when i got to the airport i met her and took her home and a week later she said she was going back but the sad story was that she did not agree to marry she said she is just here to have fun with me and that how she have been having fun men round the world and i called her a bitch she slaped me lol and at the end i did not loose cause i had fun with her and she told me things about how to know a scammers and had realy helped me.and am married now with an online girl.
  • The BTA fee is a scam created by Nigeria scam artists. The BTA stands for 'basic travel allowance.' This term is used by scammers on dating sites to steal money. They will claim that they are at the airport flying to see their victim, but they need the BTA to fly. The only things needed to fly to Nigeria or from Nigeria is a passport, i.d., and airplane ticket. The legitimate BTA was used almost fifty years ago to keep poor countries from loosing all of their money.
  • Hello I'm reporting a scam that has just blown my mind after reading before post!!! I didn't feel right about the whole thing so I started investigating on my own before I would sent one penny!!! I met this guy on Facebook his name is Liam Clarke... He claimed to be a LT Command Officer for the United Stares army and was retiring in November this year.. Well the first scam was that his mom was sick and he wanted to wire me money to send his mom care giver money... Well that was just flat out stupid you just don't do things like that... But he also works with a so called cousin on Facebook that keeps in touch with me... So as time goes past he comes home from Iraq and is suppose to come visit me in Las Vegas but he has to take a trip to Africa for a week...!so now the scam starts... All of a sudden he's been tranquilized and left on the side of the road ... Oh yeah I forgot he went to Africa to pick up a 750k check that they didn't get cause it was in his shoe... Really anyway so they stole all his ID passport...etc now he needs 2900 total to get airfare ID.. Bta... And some fine at hearthfro... I told him to go the the US embassy he gave some name of somebody who would agree to help him cause he's getting ready to get kicked out the hotel...everything I suggested he said sending cash was the only way or he was going to get kicked out so when I told him that I didn't have any money he insisted that I try to borrow it and that he didn't have anyone he could borrow from except from me... His mom and cousin had already sent what they could... And it was all up to me... So I started checking the web and came cross this web site!!! Which I think is the best thing since sliced bread!!! Thank you so much for all the info posted here it saved me my little coins I do have!!! Shame on these scammers I hope the get caught soon... Real soon
  • Hello, I'm dealing with a guy I met on fb name Kenneth George who supposely live in New Deli, India. He was supposely in military. I have sent him so far 300 USD to do papers to leave the military. He is usppose to live in UK. And was suppose to leave India last week for UK so he could get his money and travel to USA to see me. Well not he says he was detained at aport for BTA and need 400 USD has anyone heard of him or dealt with him? Here is his cell number +917838350510 plz tell me if I'm dealing with a scammer before it goes to far.
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    Most definitely you are dealing with a scammer, dont send him any more money.How do I know this ?

    1. No one has to pay or buy documents to leave the army
    2. Why would a soldier be deployed in New Delhi? India has the 10th largest army in the world which is professional and deals with national security.
    3.BTA is a scam there is no such thing as Basic Travel Allowance any where in the world.
    4. I Googled Kenneth George scammer and sure enough Sergeant Kenneth George popped up.

    This is the hallmark of the scammer, that he is from one country but lives and works in another often claiming to be widowed with a child.

    Keep away from this man and stop all communication

  • Never been to online dating since i always met my lovers in
    real life
    Well, after the broken hearteds, I decided to try my luck on
    the net.
    I registered on in search of a beautiful
    woman for a soul mate.
    Unforunately, my fate lied on the wrong person, i waked to
    read a
    message on the site from marylove from Ghana, a white lady
    of 28yrs
    old as She told me.
    Her mum was a missionary and went to Afrixa with her and
    could not
    come back as the local Church needed their service and She
    lives in a
    mission home.
    I fell for her when she sent me a gift on my birthday through
    my postal address.
    We decided to meet each other in real life and She demanded
    money on
    numerous occasion in coming to us.
    I told her the game was over when she try to smuggle
    product which i
    knew nothing about it to the UK, as a surprised.
    I lost nearly £18,000.00 to her and with assitance from a
    close friend
    of mine i reported the story to the cybercrimeoffice of
    Ghana( info.ghanapolice at consultant. com ) and reports
    received that
    fraudster are been trace and my case would receive a
    Am currently in Ghana where i have met officials of the Crime
    Unit and
    Police and hopefully these scammers will be brought to
    The Officials of the crime unitt never requested money from
    Thank You
  • Please don't believe to these people who only want to steal your effort or your parent's effort i will give you here somo of the names that they have and with which they want that you send money through Western Union Offices:
    Erick Ozor
    Alejandro Talavera
    And here is the actor who Steal money ( )
    Also here there is a fake web-page ( )
    Or maybe they use this company to steal money.
    Please don't let them to convince you!! they are stealing!
    I am an Ecuadorian and all stolen people by this method have fight, don't silence your voice! share this as much as possible!
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