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    hi im jimbo, i got deported last nov. 3. coz the night i visited my friend in his work the immigration raided the factory. i was also caught and force toa sign the statement stating im part of them. cut the story short i got jailed for 10days and deported back here in philippines. i have a good travel history in korea and used to visit sokor every year. the time i got caught my visa is still valid. i love korea as much as i love philippines. i ask the immigration officer and my korean uncle-in-law asked the officers to if i still can go back and they answered me as long as my ban is lifted. we asked the lady investigator on how many years i am ban and she told m only 1 year. thats also the answer or the officer who managed our case. how will i apply for korean visa again coz i wanted to show them my good travel history but my last visa has 46-1 red stamp on it? pls email me or reply for advices and ideas. thanks guys.
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    i went to south korea april 2007 the embassy gave me a visit visa which actually i am US Military dependant. When i arrived korea that time me and my husband shift it to SOFA status visa were the expiry date of my SOFA is June 2008. We divorce with my husband due to a personal problem. so far my status as a SOFA holder hang after my husband abandoned me for instance i considered myself as tnt or run away for over 4yrs...i did not work just like the same tnt's instead my fiance keep me to his house. I caught by the immigrations last month Oct. 12, 2012. I was wondering if how long i am banned as i got a different status from other's which is basically my husband abandonned me in south korea. My question is due to kind of status how long should i have to wait till i can possibly re apply another visa to go up south korea? The immigrations stamp my passport to VOID(obviously i know what is this means..)other thing they stamp is 46-1 with a red mark! please share your advice with concern, thanks!
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    I am eloisa. A filipina. Just want to ask how long is my banned. I've been in korea last 2009 and run away until 2010 and surrender myself to immigratin in the airport. They put 68-(1) in my passpot. I wanted to go back in korea but I want to be sure if I still have banned. Thank you so much.
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    Hi, wow I didn't realise you can actually get back into Korea after things like selling drugs. My question is; I want to teach in Korea, my fiance also wants to come but when he was 20 years old (he is now 32) he was convicted in the UK for drugs importation. He was sentenced to fifteen years and served nine years in prison.

    I understand we can apply for a spouse visa for him. And we will be doing so, just incase they give him one.

    What do you think will happen? Will they give him the spouse visa so he can be my dependent in Korea while I teach? I have a degree etc. and we are both UK/EU Citzens.

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    Hi I want to know what would be the consequences if you get caught working illegally in South Korea. I mean you overstayed your working visa. Please, if anybody knows any information about this matter, I really appreciate your help. Thanks.
  • i was employed in singapore, my employer brought me here and encourage to work here illegally with high salary offer, than singapore... do i have penalties or punishments if i want to gohome in philippines? or my employer is the one who must liable on my situation?
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    I already three visited in korea september 2012 i arrived incheon airport immigration officer stop me they required invitation letter i dont have coz i have visit visa they refused entry put stamp my passport 12-3-2 i want go back to korea it is possible i get visa embassy and go back korea
  • Hello All,

    After reading the various comments I'd like to give my 2 cents THIS IS HELPFUL TO ANYONE WHO COMMITS A CRIME IN KOREA:

    I was recently convicted and charged with armed-robbery at a store in Korea (I was withdrawing from Opiates and drunk).  I have never committed a crime in my life until my incident in Korea.

    By the way I'm Korean American (born and raised in America).  After being arrested I was held in a local jail for 2 weeks and then transferred to a sentencing jail.  Now most people will have to wait a month to 2 months in the sentencing jail regardless of the severity of their crime. 

    This is where you need to get a lawyer.  (International Lawyer around $10,000)  Since I was looking at 5 years in prison, I paid for a Korean lawyer ($15,000) who used to work in the courthouse I was going to be sentenced at.  This is key, GET A GOOD LAWYER!! Not only did he help my case, he was able to speed up my sentencing hearing, so I was only in the sentencing jail for 1 month.

    *Keep in mind, yes since I was American they do and separate you from Koreans in the sentencing jail, however you are placed in SOLITARY confinement for more than 23 hours a day, in a room that is so small you can't spread your arms out. 

    Since no one was hurt during my crime and it was my first offense, I was given 2 1/2 years probation (NO PRISON TIME).  They took the handcuffs off me and I thought I was free to go back to my life in Korea....

    WRONG!  Right after being released from the the sentencing jail, I was taken into custody by immigration "police".  I was held at another jail for 1 week and had to book my own ticket home.

    As for returning back to Korea...I had my girlfriend (she is Korean) call the immigration office in Korea and they said at a minimum I cannot return for 5 years (there are special circumstances where you can go back early, but that has to do with marrying a Korean Citizen and a BUNCH of paperwork).  Contact the Korean Embassy in America or contact immigration offices in Korea to find exactly when you can go back, don't try to return early (you will get deported from the airport and that's a waste of money for your ticket).

    Okay some basic tips:

    -For whatever crime you get convicted for (drugs ---- murder) GET A LAWYER.  Yes it is expensive, but you don't want to go to Korean prison, because once you get out, you will get deported anyways, Korea has a weird legal system and they grant ZERO amnesty!

    -DONT FREAK OUT.  Korean jail-prison is safe (no rape, beatings, stuff you see in America)  BUT they will put you in solitary, this is tough on the mind, so read books, pray to GOD, write letters and most of all WORK OUT!! DO PUSHUPS IN YOUR TINY CELL, this will keep you from going insane!

    -THIS IS KOREA.  Korea has many cultural differences.  So things will be different in Korea, especially if you've been committed of a crime.  Don't try to be tough, keep your head low and be apologetic (even if you're acting).  Listen to the guards and do as you're told! This goes a long way in how you are treated when you are detained. 

    -FINALLY.  No record will show up in your home country (YES YOU CAN FIND A JOB). Only Korea has your record, so don't worry about this affecting anything else, unless you apply for the CIA or FBI!

    I hope this helps anyone.  Please learn from my experience, keep your head up and GOD IS GOOD NO MATTER WHAT!
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    Dear Sir

    I did not returned my alien card at immigration
    when I left Korea and it is also expired. 
    Now I have to get a new visa to enter Korea for another
    What are the penalties for my not returning
    alien card? 
    And will I need any further documents or anything? please reply to me on my email dileep@dgu.edu


  • Hello,
    I was deported in Korea last Oct.21,2010 for overstaying my visa for 10months.They put me in a detention in Hwang-ju for a week,i did the biometric identification process.Now i wanna know if there is a possibilities that i can go back to Korea this year? I mean its been 3years.Hope to hear from you soon..Thank you
  • There is a possibility,you can reenter there but on some certain conditions,inbox me for details..
  • @Worldtravel2013 I email you already the details...Hope to hear from you soon
  • audrine tell us what worldtravel2013 told you to see what new , we can discuss this problem to gether
  • Nothing he just said there is a posibility that i can re-enter Korea but for some certain conditions.But i really want to get the answer that i have looking for,i was deported last Oct.21,2010,i overstaying my visa for like 10 months.And i have heard that after 3yrs people who got deported to korea can come back..
  • Hi there, I hope someone can help me, my sister was deported last 2010 for overstaying and is planning to go back to Korea to try another luck. She said, when she got caught, she signed a paper (it's in Korean text but she said she  understood a little and saw something that said she can re-enter after 5 years). Is it necessary to call the S. Korean Embassy here in the Philippines or can she just proceed applying for a job after her banned is lifted? Because she has a lot of friends that still works in Korea and they told her that they can work it out to their bosses for her to get a job invitation.  TIA
  • greetings,sir i have a problem getting a criminal background check in south korea?because they can not find any of my record in their police agency.honestly i over stayed there for 9 years.and my entry visa is only for 3 months.is there any possible way to get a criminal background check certificate from them? 
  • did u tried to call 1345 from korea to see what  immigration say
  • Hello moroh...are u gonna answer all my question now? Plssssss
  • hello moroh..no i did not call the immigration in korea yet.and i am not in korea right now.I am in Australia now using a 457 visa and i am applying for a permanent residence.And that criminal background check certificate is very important requirements.thank you moroh
  • audrine  ,u can only comeback to korea after five years ,but if u married to korean or resident in korea u re entry now,and there is another way u can change ur name or part of ur name or just letter and get new passport  then u can enter free, or look for someone else passport that looks like u ,and travel but three years ban iheard about but not sur ,ucan try enter after three years if the ticket not expansive
  • Hahaha you know you cant do that change name and get new passport unless you are married to a Korean but if ur not married and tend to Change name and get new passport you cant re-enter because they have. Biometrical checking. But thanks anyway
  • hello,i was in korea 2011,i work only 4 months there my contract is 2 years ,i run away my employer i stay for 1 month of my friend appartment,then i have my passport and ellien card  my ellien card is not yet expired the time that i home here in philippines,,,,last month i try to apply work in korea again but when my papers and our vedio send to the KMRB,they said i cant go back cause i run away,,,my employer can blacklist me,?even if i go home and my allien card is still ok the time im home?
  • can i still have a chance to go back korea even im blacklist there?
  • epay ,sorry but korean law is with korean  people more than foreigners , so u have to find another way to come to korea,
  • Hi moroh can you answer the question brude38 asked please cause I have the same dilemma.Cheers!
  • mr spa22ow  ,who give  this criminal background certificate is ministry of justice so you have  to send message to their site web  or visit them

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    Please Good people. I was deported from korea last August but i was already engaged to my girl friend of 3yrs before this happen. We have planed our wedding on jenuary 2014 paid some deposite at the hall studios etc. Anyways my girl has visited me and we have gotten married in my country after that we visited korean embassy but they said we most wait for 1yr. I need to be wit my wife. Is there any way to make it shorter . Thanks Good people 1luv
  • hi moroh,thanks for the answer,,,anyway whats the other way to go back korea?
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    Hi moroh i was deported last sept this year how can i go back to Korea this year? i need to go back to be with my husband and work again for our kids. Thank you
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